Petit Home Invasion Jury Told Convicted Killer Was 'Doomed From Birth'


Prosecutors called Joseph Dzekian, a clerk in the criminal records division in the Connecticut court system, who testified to Komisarjevsky's prior record which was 18 pages long. Document after document was displayed on an overhead screen showing Komisarjevsky's troubles with the law including multiple burglary and larceny charges. Komisarjevsky pled guilty to virtually all of the offenses and was sentenced to between three and five years for each offense.

Prosecutors argue that Komisarjevsky's prior record in addition to the aggravating factors in these crimes should lead to a death sentence.

It was while he was in a halfway house after being released for some of these crimes that Komisarjevsky met up Hayes. A short time later the two planned the home invasion of the Petit home.

The penalty phase of Komisarjevsky's trial could be complicated by letters written by Hayes from death row in which he bragged that he had killed 17 people and claimed he took their shoes as trophies.

Komisarjevsky's lawyers claimed the letters were grounds for a mistrial, but may seek to introduce them in the penalty phase to bolster their argument that it was Hayes who was responsible for the murders.

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