Prom Night Pressures Mean Some Parents Shell Out Big Bucks


Panel Weighs in on Pressures of Prom

"GMA" gathered some mothers and daughters to ask them about the price and pressures of prom.

Kelly Strack said the pressure to look good was "huge."

"Almost everyone goes tanning. They started going tanning in, like, January," the girl said.

Alyssa Boyer added that students started hitting the gym months before the big event.

As to the dress styles, the students and parents on the panel agreed that the dresses were becoming very sexy.

"Some dresses can be, like, made of just mesh and just are only covering, you know, the bare minimum," Kelly added.

"That's where parental discretion comes in," Donna Banjany, a mother, added. "Yeah, you want them to look beautiful, but you always want them to maintain self-respect."

The panelists said it all stems from television shows, including "Keeping Up With the Kardashians." Star Kim Kardashian's 15-year-old sister even models prom dresses.

Kelly said that puts pressure on high school girls.

"We want to be like that celebrity for one day," she said.

So what happens if you're not made for the red carpet?

"It's sad to watch people be mean to the people who are less fortunate, you know," said Alyssa, speaking of the teasing some girls may face if their dresses don't measure up.

Kelly agreed.

The "mean girls" will chime in with negative comments.

"They're like, 'Oh, you know, she looks fat in that dress,' or, 'That's not a good color on her.' And, I mean, it's just, like, cattiness," she said.

The parents agreed that the prom had become a competition.

Kathy Strack, Kelly's mother, saw it as a competition for "who can have the best dress, the nicest hair, the best tan."

The moms are concerned that there may be too much emphasis being placed on looking perfect.

"A lot of pressure is put placed on young girls to look perfect. And it's unfortunate. ... They have to really be taught that, you know what, nobody's perfect," Banjany said.

So how much is too much?

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