Rebecca Sedwick Suicide Part of 'Cool to Be Cruel' Cyber Culture


She also said that it's possible that the 14-year-old could soon be changing her attitude now that she is in custody and faced with the reality of the situation.

"I don't think anybody is suggesting based on the incredibly callous remarks that this girl is truly a psychopath who doesn't care," Englander said. "At some point or another, this is going to hit her, what's really going on here and at that point she's likely to rescind the whole thing and say, 'I didn't mean it. I wasn't thinking.'"

"It's totally possible that that's true and that she really didn't think of it," she said, noting how very young the girls involved are.

"Kids are not famous for being good at stopping and saying to themselves, 'What will the consequences of this be? Or what could the consequences be?" Englander said. "That's one of the reasons why they were so quick to adopt sort of the cool and callous attitude. It's total immaturity, but it's very disturbing."

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