Shot Four Times, Bottle-Wielding Good Samaritan Says He'd Fight Robber Again


In Oklahoma, another pistol-packing pharmacist, Jerome Ersland, paid a price for taking on his store's unarmed robber. Ersland fired one round into the man, who prosecutors say rendered him unconscious. But then Ersland obtained a second firearm and emptied five more rounds into Antwun Parker, 16.

Ersland is now serving a life sentence for first-degree murder.

For Erickson, the bottom line is that resisting armed robbers just isn't worth it. In one study of homicides linked to robberies, she says "82 percent of the deaths were caused by resistance."

While fighting back may rarely be the right move, don't tell Ted Edmond that. Even with four bullets still lodged inside him, if a life is threatened, he says, sometimes there's no choice but to get involved.

"It's your job. If you're a citizen, it's your job to not just stand around and do nothing. Next time, it might be you," Edmond said. "If everybody does their job, we'll get thugs off the street."

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