Steubenville Rape Trial: 'I Didn't Remember Anything,' Accuser Says


The accuser's testimony came after a former friend of the girl took the stand this morning, saying the 16-year-old girl originally told her she could not remember what happened the night of the alleged attack, but said she swore "we didn't have sex."

The witness, who ABC News has chosen not to identify because she is a minor, gave an account of what she remembered from the night of the alleged incident. She said she no longer speaks to the accuser.

The girl testified that when she went to the first party with the alleged victim and another friend, the three of them drank slushies with vodka in them. She also said she saw the accuser drink alcohol straight from a bottle twice at the party.

The girl said she "noticed she was very drunk" at the first party the two attended together with another friend.

"She was rolling around on the ground," she said.

She testified that she had seen the alleged victim drink like this before and that it was "not really" out of character for her.

The witness said she has known the alleged victim since preschool and would have considered her a best friend. She said that some people believe the accuser has a reputation of being a liar.

The girl testified she went down to the basement of the house in which the party was held because the main floor was too crowded, but said she went up every five minutes to check on the alleged victim. She said at one point she saw her close to Richmond.

"She was just like leaning on him, standing next to him, and talking to him," she said.

The witness said that by the end of the evening, the alleged victim was mean to her.

"She was like snapping at what I would say," the girl said. "If I would tell her to stop drinking, she would get mad at me."

The former friend said she tried to get the accuser to stay at the party, even holding on to her in protest, but "she kind of just swung her arm back and hit me."

"When I told her not to leave, she wouldn't listen to me," she said. "I was trying to get her to stay."

The witness said Richmond was standing by the alleged victim while this was happening, but did not say or do anything.

The next morning, the girl testified, she went to pick up the alleged victim from the house where she slept, and also gave Richmond and Mays a ride.

She said neither the accuser nor the defendants seemed upset in the car.

Once the football players left the car, she testified that she yelled at the girl because she was upset with "her actions from the night before."

Both the prosecution and the defense jousted in court during the girl's testimony this morning in attempts to paint a clearer picture of the alleged victim's character.

Walter Madison, the lawyer representing Richmond, repeatedly asked the witness on the stand whether listening to her police statement again would refresh her memory of that evening. He made a motion to Judge Thomas Lipps to play a portion of her interview in court, which was denied.

But when she was cross examined by Mays' attorney and could not answer a question that referred to her police interview, the judge said he would permit the girl to listen to the audio recording when the court recessed for a one-hour break.

Today's testimony picked up following a late court session that went past 10:30 p.m. Friday evening. The court recessed after the examination of J.P. Rigaud, who was the lead detective on the case with the Steubenville Police Department, was complete.

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