5 Stories You May Have Missed This Weekend

PHOTO: A saucer-shaped test vehicle known as a Low Density Supersonic Decelerator holding equipment for landing large payloads on Mars at Kekaha on the island of Kauai in Hawaii, in this undated file photo.PlayNASA/AP Photo
WATCH World Cup 2014: Team USA Prepares for Its Moment of Truth

In case you spent your entire the weekend enjoying the sun and ignoring the news, we rounded up a handy list of our favorite stories you may have missed this weekend.

1. NASA Tests 'Flying Saucer'

It's not exactly little green men, but NASA tested a "flying saucer" shaped vehicle that could be used for future Mars landings.

The new device, called the Low Density Supersonic Decelerator, was rocketed over the Pacific Ocean to test an inflatable braking system, but the parachute failed to fully unfurl on landing.

2. Brazil Squeaks by Chile in Nail-Biter World Cup Game

World Cup 2014: Team USA Prepares for Its Moment of TruthPlay
World Cup 2014: Team USA Prepares for Its Moment of Truth

Brazilians are breathing a sigh of a relief after a nerve-wracking World Cup game against Chile.

Although Brazil got an early lead, Chile quickly caught up, tying the game 1-1. After more than 120 minutes of playing time, the game was still tied, leading to a tense round of penalty kicks.

It seemed the entire population of Brazil (and Chile) was holding their breath during the suspenseful penalty kick round. When Chilean player Gonzalo Jara's kick hit the post, Brazil fans erupted into cheers.

3. Nanny That Wouldn't Leave Spotted Hiding in Police Station

VIDEO: Fired Nanny Seen Sleeping in CarPlay
Fired Nanny Seen Sleeping in Car

The bizarre story of the nanny who wouldn't leave a family's home after being fired, got another weird twist on Friday.

Diane Stretton, who is reportedly threatening to sue a family after being fired as a live-in nanny, was spotted at a California police station late Friday night. Stretton was reportedly worried she was being followed, but police assured her it was just a photographer.

Rather than leaving, Stretton stayed in the station parking lot, hiding under a windshield cover until 3a.m. It's unclear if she will return to the family home that she originally refused to vacate.

4. Parents of Child Killed in Hot Car Searched Internet for Info on Similar Deaths

Police Warrants Raise New Questions About Boys Hot Car DeathPlay
Police Warrants Raise New Questions About Boy's Hot Car Death

More details have been released by police in the tragic case of a toddler who was killed after being left in a hot car in Georgia. According to newly released documents, the parents of Cooper Harris both searched the Internet for information on "child deaths inside vehicles."

Cooper's father Justin Harris told police he searched for information because he was "fearful it could occur."

Justin Harris has been accused of first-degree murder in the death of his 22-month-old son. His wife has not been charged.

5. Amy Adams Gives Up Seat to U.S. Soldier

VIDEO: Amy Adams Gives First Class Seat to US Serviceman Play
Amy Adams Gives First Class Seat to US Serviceman

Oscar-nominated actress Amy Adams got plenty of attention far from the red carpet this weekend after a Twitter user revealed Adams had give up her first-class seat to a U.S. soldier who was flying in coach.

Jemel Hill, a co-host of an ESPN2 show and a passenger on the plane, said Adams noticed the soldier at her gate in Detroit and privately asked to switch seats with him.

"I was incredibly impressed, and I'm not even sure if the soldier knew who gave him that seat. I guess he will now," Hill told ABC News.

Better luck next time.