Viewers Reflect on Peter Jennings

"World News Tonight" anchor Peter Jennings died of lung cancer Sunday at age 67. Here are some of your thoughts on Jennings' passing:

Uptodate1: One word describes Peter Jennings on air: Class. He shall be missed.

Eva_Barrett: I never would have thought I'd be crying over an anchorperson, but this just shows how special Peter was. He earned my trust and loyalty as no other journalist ever has, and no other journlaist ever will.

Heatherdlg: He was born a Canadian who became an American and with that paid each of us the greatest compliment.

ginperry: I want to say thank you to Peter's family for sharing such a wonderful man with the entire world. Your sacrifice is immeasurable. Although none of us knew him on a personal level like you, I believe most of us saw his love of family through his broadcasting and his devotion and presence was unsurpassed.

Joann721: I want to thank him for making me think … helping me understand … making me angry … making me laugh … and this morning -- making me cry … To his family and his co-workers -- my deepest sympathy.

SaheliDatta: My understanding of the building of the atomic bomb, and the physicists who made it, was greatly influenced by a documentary he made, and that directly contributed to my desire to major in physics. My understanding of the situation regarding Israel and Palestine was also influenced by his work. He consistently reported on India when no one else really cared. I don't really know what to say, except he's the single most present public figure in my life so far, even counting the relative recent absence. I really can't imagine my childhood and youth without him. When considering the formation of any of my thinking on politics, my sense of the globe, my sense of what's current -- at the beginning of all of it is some "World News Tonight" segment, some introduction by Peter Jennings.

bkimrey: As a child of '68 and a teenager of the '80's- Peter never relegated ordinary people to substandard. Every news story was worthy and even the smallest details important rather than mundane. He reported the news with clarity, conciseness, and compassion -- my ship steers errantly without him! Godspeed, Peter!

ginperry: Your wonderful face and gentle nature will be forever engraved in our memories Peter, we'll miss you.

HallMark68: I'm 36 and who doesn't remember Peter and World News Tonight? It's the "Good Night" I will hear in my head for the rest of my life. And you know what it's comforting because I know that it will be and everything will be ok as long as there are people in the world like Peter. To a lot of people he was St. Peter Jennings. That goes for me too.

spezz05: I can't believe Peter Jennings is gone. Watching the news won't be the same without him. Watching him was like talking with a friend, someone familiar and always there!

Mary: Peter there will never be another like you. The world mourns your loss. Thank you for all your attention and devotion to the truth in journalism. May God grant you eternal peace and comfort your loved ones during this time.

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