The Facts of the Virginia Massacre

This is a compilation of reporting by ABC News and other organizations on the developing investigation into the massacre at Virginia Tech. This is a developing situation and the facts are subject to change.

Today's focus is on the mental history of Seung-Hui Cho ("SOONG HEE CHO") and the emerging details as to the identities and the lives of his victims.

So far 33 people are reported dead -- 32 victims plus the gunman, Cho, who killed himself -- making this the deadliest known campus shooting rampage in American history. As of now, two victims have died from the shooting at West Ambler Johnston Hall (WAJ); 30 from the attack on Norris Hall. University staff members are among the deceased. At least two classroom doors at Norris Hall were chained shut, according to University Police.


A small Korean newspaper just posted an exclusive interview on their website with Cho's grandfather, living in Korea. The report says Cho's parents operated a used-book store before coming to the U.S. (where they operate a dry cleaning operation). It notes that Cho's parents emigrated to "provide better education for the children." The grandfather continues: "My grandson Seung-Hui was very shy. I can't believe he did such a thing." (Kreisel/ Korea Buro)

Cho's sister and family MAY make statement AT SOME POINT. This reportedly according to the Korean American Coalition. It is unclear when this statement might occur but we have a call in and will distribute any information IF AND WHEN it becomes available.

At the 10:00 AM press conference today, officials revealed a history of potentially threatening behavior towards women and suicidal ideation:

Fall 2005: Professor Lucinda Roy shared concerns about Cho with the campus police. The police say: "No criminal violation had taken place." No formal report was filed.

AROUND November 27, 2005: "He made contact with a female student [by phone and in person]. She notified VA Tech. Student declined to press charges. She said the conduct was annoying. It was referred to disciplinary system -- office of judicial affairs."

December 13, 2005: Police "received report that he IM'd a second female student" the previous day. "There was no threat made," police say. "She made complaints with VA tech police dept -- and asked that he have no further contact with her."

Later that day the police got a call from an acquaintance of Cho's concerned he might be suicidal. Officers then met with Cho and asked that he speak with counselor -- and Cho was taken to a mental health facility: Carilion Saint Albans Behavioral Health Center.

From CNN: After being confronted by police about his strange behavior "he told me that he might as well kill himself." One former roommate says… "And so I told the cops that. And they took him away to the counseling center for a night or two." (CNN)

Notably, he could have been taken to the on-campus Cook Counseling Center, but he was not.

Former stalking victims speak: Two 22-year-old Virginia Tech seniors, Holly Huse and Christina Lilick, said in interviews with USA TODAY that they had received a barrage of unwanted instant messages and phone calls from Cho last year. They said they became concerned enough by what they called "stalking" that they reported the matter to the resident advisers in their dorm. (USA Today) It is unclear if these are additional victims or the same victims mentioned in the campus presser today.

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