The Facts of the Virginia Massacre

19. Partahi Lumbantoruan, 34, Indonesia

Civil Engineering Doctoral student (CBS5)

20. Lauren Ashley McCain, 20, Hampton, Va.

Class of 2010, International Studies.

On her MySpace page, McCain listed "the love of my life" as Jesus Christ.

Her family said the 20-year-old international studies major became a Christian some time ago.

"Her life since that time has been filled with His love that continued to overflow to touch everyone who knew her," the family said in a statement.

Her uncle, Jeff Elliott, told The Oklahoman newspaper that she was an avid reader, was learning German and had almost mastered Latin. She was home-schooled, he said, and had worked at a department store for about a year to save money for college.

She spent several years of her childhood in Oklahoma but her father's Navy career also took the family to Florida, Texas and then to Virginia.

21. Daniel O'Neil, 22, Lafeyette, R.I.

Friend Steve Craveiro described him as smart, responsible and a hard worker, someone who never got into trouble. (AP)

"He would come home from school over the summer and talk about projects, about building bridges and stuff like that," Craveiro said. "He loved his family. He was pretty much destined to be extremely successful. He just didn't deserve to have happen what happened." (AP)

O'Neil graduated in 2002 from Lincoln High School in Rhode Island and graduated from Lafayette College in Easton, Pa., before heading to Virginia Tech, where he was also a teaching assistant, Craveiro said. (AP)

22. Juan Ramon Ortiz, 26, Puerto Rico

Ortiz was teaching a class as part of his graduate program in civil engineering at Virginia Tech. He was a teaching assistant. (AP)

The family's neighbors in the San Juan suburb of Bayamon remembered Ortiz as a quiet, dedicated son who decorated his parents' one-story concrete house each Christmas and played in a salsa band with his father on weekends. (AP)

"He was an extraordinary son, what any father would have wanted," said Ortiz's father, also named Juan Ramon Ortiz.

Marilys Alvarez, 22, heard Ortiz's mother scream from the house next door when she learned of her son's death. Alvarez said she had wanted to study in the United States, but was now reconsidering. (AP)

"Here the violence is bad, but you don't see that," she said. "It's really sad. You can't go anywhere now." (AP)

23. Minal Panchal, 26, India

Panchal, 26, wanted to be an architect like her father, who died four years ago.

She was very keen to go to the United States for postgraduate studies and thrilled when she gained admission last year, said Chetna Parekh, a friend who lives in the bustling middle-class Mumbai neighborhood of Borivali, India, where Panchal lived before coming to Virginia Tech. "She was a brilliant student and very hardworking. She was focussed on getting her degree and doing well." (AP)

Panchal was worried about her mother, Hansa, living alone and wanted her to come to the U.S., neighbor Jayshree Ajmane said. Hansa left earlier this month for New Jersey, where her sister and brother-in-law live. (AP)

Ajmane called Panchal a bright, polite girl who would help the neighborhood children with their schoolwork. (AP)

24. Erin Peterson, Va.


Similar to Samaha, Peterson graduated three years after Cho from Westfield High School. Authorities haven't said whether Cho knew the two young women and singled them out. (AP)

25. Michael Steven Pohle Jr., 23, Flemington, N.J.

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