McGreevey: Blame 'Oprah' Spot, Not Me, for Book Sales

McGreevey's latest play, Naff wrote in a follow-up e-mail Thursday, only confirmed his previous position.

"Jim McGreevey would say or do just about anything to see his picture in the paper again, including criticizing his wife's clothes," Naff wrote. "He needs to find a job and get on with his life rather than to continue to milk this tawdry episode for more publicity."

Ivan Hoffman, an intellectual property lawyer in Los Angeles, agreed with McGreevey's attorney that it would be a serious challenge for Matos McGreevey to tie a dollars-lost value to her husband's accusations of homophobia.

The two are entrenched in a very public divorce battle that involves their 5-year-old daughter, Jacqueline. For now, the girl lives with Matos McGreevey and visits her father, who lives with his partner, executive Mark O'Donnell, every weekend and on alternate Wednesdays.

After McGreevey publicly announced his homosexuality with his wife by his side in 2004, he was forced from office. He and his wife separated, and he penned a memoir, "The Confession," in which he said his wife might have known he was gay.

In Matos McGreevey's book, she insists that she never knew that her husband was gay. She also has said publicly that he may be bisexual, citing their seemingly normal love life and his tendency to make comments about attractive women.

McGreevey bases his claim that she is homophobic, according to court documents cited by Matos McGreevey's attorney, on a May 2006 New York Post story that includes an interview with Ricardo Matos, Matos McGreevey's brother.

Matos told the newspaper at the time that his sister was getting over the heartache of her husband's announcement and that the two of them would sometimes make jokes at the expense of effeminate men — likening them to her now out-of-the-closet husband.

Matos McGreevey's book peaked at No. 8 on The New York Times best-sellers list on May 20, 2007, but has since fallen sharply in sales. The book retailer Web site lists "Silent Partner" as No. 4,649 on its book sales list.

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