Students Feel Less Safe on Campus

"People didn't see this coming, and there are, all of a sudden, a lot of questions people want answered. Why don't we have security cameras in parking lots and in all of the residence halls? There are poles with emergency call boxes so when you press a button the police come, but no one knows if it will take them 15 seconds or 15 minutes," Ingram said.

Ingram said Auburn had a voluntary emergency warning system that was first used one month ago after the university's pharmacy school was threatened by a an applicant who was denied admission. The building, which sits in the middle of campus, was locked down but the rest of the campus was not.

"The university sent out an alert and locked down the school," Ingram said. "But if something was going to happen, closing one building doesn't quarantine the problem."

An increase in school lockdowns may reflect fears on the part of law enforcement similar to those among students.

Since the Feb. 14 shooting at Northern Illinois University that left six people dead, including gunman Steven Kazmierczak, 27, several colleges across the country have gone on lockdown.

Friday, students at the University of Tennessee at Martin were told to stay inside with their doors locked as police searched for a robbery suspect. March 5, a student at Appalachian State University was charged with filing a false report after he caused a campus lockdown by telling police a masked gunman had broken into his apartment.

March 3, a man suspected of carrying a gun on Middle Georgia College's campus was taken into custody and the school locked down.

Officials at the University of Kansas recently banned a campuswide game of "Assassins," an elaborate game of tag requiring toy guns because of safety concerns.

"It might appear that schools are getting too jittery, but it is always better to be safe than sorry," said Kassa of Security on Campus. "I don't want to second guess the decision of officials."

Kassa said many schools had implemented new systems to alert students of danger on campus, but students had to take responsibility themselves.

"When you go to go college, you're no longer living at home," he said. "Colleges and universities need to make sure students have a plan, that they are trained and they are practiced to make sure they do everything to keep themselves safe."

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