Hidden Danger: Soldiers Dying From Electrocution

He worked with Waxman, whose House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform has launched an investigation into the deaths by accidental electrocution.

"It's an amazing story," Altmire says. "When you hear that in 2004, the Army themselves saw it as a problem and did nothing about it and in 2007 KBR [the contractor] identified it as a problem. We need to find out why nothing was done."

Altmire was referring to a 2004 Army safety publication article titled ""Electrocution: The Unexpected Killer," which warned that improper grounding of electrical wires was a "serious threat" for soldiers in Iraq.

The article was prompted by the deaths of five soldiers from accidental electrocution, including one that eerily foreshadowed Maseth's death:

Two weeks after one soldier was killed and another injured from an electrical current that charged a swimming pool in May 2004, the article says "another soldier was found dead, lying on a shower room floor with burn marks on his body. The apparent cause was electricity that traveled from the water heater through the metal pipes to the showerhead. Again, improper grounding of electrical systems is the probable cause of this soldier's death."

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