Why Didn't Someone Do Something Before School Shooting?

Pollack says boys get depressed but feel they are not allowed to talk about it. Girls do talk about their problems, cry openly and most of them ask for help. They may self-mutilate or attempt suicide, but they don't go on killing sprees. Boys want to hurt those who made them feel shame. They want payback.

OK, so we learned some things from Columbine. But why aren't people taking preventive action? Many experts say adults don't talk to teenage boys, don't hug them, don't tell them how important they are. That's a clear role for parents and guardians. But teachers and students who go to school and every day see someone they think is "odd" should report that to some authority.

Most of the experts agree that those actions and less access to weapons would go a long way toward not only reducing school violence, but also saving kids' lives.

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