New Evangelists Buck the Christian Right

"The only description Jesus gives on Judgment Day is how people respond to the poor: 'Did you feed me?' and the sick: 'Did you take care of me?'" said Tony Campolo, author of "Red Letter Christians." "It's a non-judgmental approach: 'I have not come to condemn the world.'"

'Don't Call Us Evangelicals'

"What's happened is that many of us have gotten to the point where we don't want to call ourselves evangelicals anymore if it means anti-women, anti gay, anti-environment and pro-war," Campolo told "That's not who we are."

But David Brody, senior national correspondent for the Christian Broadcasting Network, said Cizik's ostracism from the religious right is not a schism among evangelicals, but a "crossroads moment."

"At this point [the religious right] is hunkering down, concentrating on the life and marriage issues more than ever before because they understand the concern about other issues," he told "What is compounding the problem is Barack Obama becoming president and having a soap box for talking about other issues like poverty and Darfur."

But, he said, evangelicals still stand by their "core" values. "Any time you talk about your support for civil unions in the evangelical community, you are persona non grata. The idea that Richard Cizik has been out there on many different issues, this was the last-straw scenario," he said. "At the end of the day, evangelicals are not going to budge on the life and marriage issues."

"The jury is still out on where this is going and how it's going to play out," said Brody. "It's going to be an intense battle coming up with the evangelical movement and also within the political environment as to which issues get rule of the day."

Living His Faith

But Chris LaTondresse is confident that his generation represents the new face of evangelicals. And while he talks about this, he is living his faith, serving as U.S. director of Questscope, an organization that helps the one million displaced Iraqis who have poured into Jordan since the American-led war.

"It's absurd to our generation that the state of civil unions would the moral issue of our time," he said. "The further you dive into the subculture, the less comfortable we are with the evangelical labels and the more comfortable we are aspiring to be a follower of Jesus."

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