10 Years After Oklahoma City, Is There Still a Threat?

Some of the other movements on the radical right have also fallen on hard times over the last decade. William Pierce, the charismatic leader of the National Alliance whose book "The Turner Diaries" inspired McVeigh, died in 2002. Richard Butler, leader of the white supremacist Aryan Nations, died in September.

"With the leadership dead, in jail, or incompetent, what is left is a folklore, a religion and a set of approved tactics that have been passed down through the years in this movement," Levin said. "What is left is a leaderless movement."

But the loss of these key figures has not stopped their followers from trying to spread their message and gain new supporters.

Trying to Promote Race Pride

The National Alliance has been carrying out an intensive leafletting campaign aimed at suburban neighborhoods, and through Resistance Records, a "white pride" label, has tried to disseminate the theme of race pride to young people through rock and folk music.

The featured MP3s on the group's site include "Browntown Burning Down" by Angry Aryans and "Ovens Again" by Fueled by Hate-Filled With Rage.

For the softer side, the National Alliance site offers Prussian Blue, a folk CD by twin blond teenage sisters, Lynx and Lamb Gaede, posed smiling in traditional German outfits.

Adults in many of the communities where the National Alliance has been leafletting have expressed outrage, but law enforcement officials say the fliers are protected speech.

Meanwhile, anti-Semitic incidents across the country are at their highest level in nine years, according to a report released April 4 by the Anti-Defamation League. The report blamed the spike in part on the National Alliance campaign. The number of incidents increased 17 percent over the past year, from 1,557 in 2003 to 1,821 in 2004, according to the report.

Another effect of the turmoil in these movements has been to pare them down to the most hardcore members, and to increase the feeling of being embattled and add a greater sheen of drama to the folklore.

"The violent and revolutionary worldview has gained street credibility on the paramilitary radical right over the last 20 years," Levitas said. "The dominant view of America across the spectrum of these organizations is that the United State has been totally politically corrupted by Jews and non-whites, and so culturally polluted by Jews and non-whites, that the only answer is violent action."

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