New Letters to Blake's Wife Found

"When you hear all the rhetoric about a contract killer, hiring somebody, this type of thing, it's kind of silly," he said. "Who shoots anybody in this world trying to kill them in the shoulder intentionally, especially a professional or somebody that's planning out something?

"It would almost seem, depending on which shoulder, it would almost seem like she was falling away from a visible threat when the gun came out. She was shrugging away from it or leaning away from it. You can kind of imagine the circumstance."

Police have yet to identify a suspect in the case and Braun said he has struggled with the LAPD to get detectives to look at anyone other than Blake. He justified the negative portrait he has painted of Bakley in the media as a way to drive police to look into her past for a possible killer.

"They're only investigating Robert Blake," he said. "They're not investigating any other possibility."

Blake married Bakley four months ago after DNA tests proved he was the father of her 11-month-old baby daughter.

Within days of the killing, Braun released tapes of Bakley's phone conversations and correspondence that he said showed numerous men she had defrauded who could have had a motive for killing her.

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