Terror Victims' Names, Stories Emerge

Thomas Burnett phoned his wife from hijacked United Airlines Flight 93, and said he was going to die, but he wasn't going quietly.

"There's three of us who are going to do something about it," he reportedly told Deena Burnett.

Minutes later, the plane crashed, 80 miles southeast of Pittsburgh, just after 10 a.m. ET. The aircraft had been scheduled to fly from Newark, N.J. to San Francisco.

Deena Burnett says her husband told her three men had taken control of the plane, and that the hijackers had fatally stabbed one person on board, the family's priest told the San Francisco Chronicle.

Burnett told his wife, "I love you, honey," then the line went dead, the Rev. Frank Colacicco, pastor of St. Isidore's Catholic Church said.

Mark Bingham called his mother from the same plane, 15 minutes before it crashed.

"Mark said, 'Mom this is Mark Bingham.' He gave me his last name, he was so rattled," said his mother Alice Hoglan, speaking to ABCNEWS' Good Morning America from her home in Sacramento, Calif.

The 31-year-old public relations executive, apparently using the airphone built into his seat, said three men had taken over the aircraft, which was scheduled to fly from Newark, N.J., to San Francisco.

"I told him I loved him, and it went dead," Hoglan said.

Only a trickle of information about the victims is coming in, but that trickle threatens to turn into a flood as more bodies are recovered and others are rescued.

Barbara Olson, a former federal prosecutor and wife of U.S. Solicitor General Ted Olson, was aboard American Airlines Flight 77.

She called her husband on a cell phone to report that the plane had been hijacked and that at least two men had herded the passengers into the rear of the plane.

She asked her husband what she should do.

Shortly afterward, the plane crashed into the Pentagon.

Woman Desperately Searches for Fiancé

With tears streaming down her face, 24-year-old Gillian Volk stood this morning near the rubble of the World Trade Center, where her fiancé worked.

Kevin Michael Williams, also 24, worked for an investment firm on the 104th floor of one of the twin towers.

Volk said he had called after the first blast Tuesday morning to say they were being evacuated. But she hadn't heard from him since.

"I know he's going to come back to me," she said. "I'm not going to lose hope."

The high school sweethearts are engaged to be married on Dec. 1.

Scores of others gathered near the disaster site and nearby hospitals, hoping for news of missing friends and loved ones.

Kristen Logan desperately looked for her brother, passing out fliers with his picture to rescue personnel and the media. "I love him very much," she said.

Gladys McMillan was at the site hoping for information about her niece, Tyra, who worked in the World Trade Center. She had called her husband after the first attack, saying she smelled smoke.

"But the phone clicked off and that was the last anybody heard from her," McMillan said.

Counterterrorism Expert May Be Victim

In an apparent tragic twist of fate, a former FBI counterterrorism expert who led the investigation of the attack on the USS Cole may have been among those killed at the twin towers.

John O'Neill had recently taken a job as head of security for the WTC. O'Neill was the lead investigator in the 1998 bombings of U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, as well as the attack on the Cole, in October 2000.

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