Vote Analysis: Bush Wins, Again

If dimpled presidential votes were counted only in instances where votes in other races on the same ballot were also dimpled — suggesting a problem with the machinery — Bush would have won by 884 votes.

Under a scenario in which chads had to be detached by at least two corners for the vote to count, Bush's margin of victory decreases to 363.

Some Good News for Gore

While the analysis showed the Bush would have won if the court-ordered recounts under way at the time of the U.S. Supreme Court ruling had been allowed to continue, it was not a clear win for the GOP.

The study also looked at four scenarios in which the entire Florida undervote was counted — something that was not ordered by any court — and found that Gore would have won under two of those.

This latest analysis will not be the last word on the Florida recount: the National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago is conducting a separate vote-counting project on behalf of a number of media outlets.

ABCNEWS political director Mark Halperin, polling unit director Gary Langer and ABCNEWS Radio contributed to this report.

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