More Details Emerge on Mass. Office Shootings

Three days after the killings, the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms has completed its inquiry into the traces of three of the four weapons found at the site of this week’s deadly shootings, according to spokesman John D’Angelo.

One of the weapons, however, could not be traced because of its age, he told Reuters. D’Angelo declined to name the weapon that went untraced, but police said a handgun found in McDermott’s pants pocket may be an old Spanish weapon.

After the shooting spree, police said they found McDermott, sitting in the building’s reception area with a 12-gauge Winchester pump shotgun on one side and military-style assault rifle on the other.

In McDermott’s right front pants pocket, police said they found a “fully loaded handgun with a full magazine.” A black tote bag at his side also held several hundred rounds of ammunition.

Later, police found a .460-caliber Weatherby Magnum in an upright locker near McDermott’s desk. The rifle is considered the world’s most powerful shoulder-fired cartridge, and is often used by professional hunters to kill big game in Africa.

Remembering the Victims

Hundreds of mourners gathered Thursday night to say goodbye to the seven victims.

St. Joseph’s Church in Wakefield, which served as a refuge for many terrified office workers on Tuesday after the slayings, was place of remembrance as the victims were honored during a one-hour memorial prayer service. Approximately 1,000 people attended.

Candles were lighted for each of the victims, who included a widower, a new mother just back from maternity leave, and a woman who would have celebrated her 49th birthday on Wednesday. They have been identified as: Jennifer Bragg-Capobianco, Janice Hagerty, Louis Javelle, Rose Manfredy, Paul Marceau, Cheryl Troy and Craig Wood.

Father Michael Steele of St. Joseph’s said the service intended to bring the Wakefield community together and celebrate the victims’ lives.

Financial Troubles Possible Motive

Prosecutors say McDermott was angry over the possible garnishment of his wages by the IRS and are looking at his financial problems as a possible motive.

McDermott’s wages were to be garnished by the IRS after the holidays because he was delinquent in tax payments, officials said.

A person familiar with the IRS order who did not want to be identified said the amount owed was “a couple thousand” dollars.

Edgewater had agreed not to begin taking money from his paycheck until after the holidays, but McDermott had an angry outburst in the company’s accounting department last week over the prospect of losing some of his wages, according to an employee who spoke only on condition of anonymity. He apparently felt the company was not doing enough to take his side against the IRS, the employee said.’s Geraldine Sealey, The Associated Press and Reuters contributed to this report.

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