Teacher Awaiting New Trial in Slap Attack Case Wants 'Storm' to Be Over


Amy Neely said she wants Ambrose to never be allowed to teach again. "She doesn't need to be around any children because of what happened to Aiden," said Neely, who has filed a civil suit against Ambrose and the school district she taught in.

"I'm trying to send a message to the district to take care of teachers that cause problems like this in class, that go too far," Neely said.

She has since pulled Aiden, now 7 years old, out of Salinas Elementary School and enrolled him at a new school with new teachers and new friends.

"Sometimes he'll come up to me and say, 'Mommy, why'd you leave me in that classroom?' Neely said.

Aiden told "20/20" he liked his new school better than his former one, "because the other school ... people being mean to me."

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