Teens Play Dangerous Game 'Fugitive'


"It is a kind of sad state in society that people are getting enjoyment with these types of pranks. It's still a crime to throw things and hurt people. This case illustrates how serious it goes wrong," Doane said.

Psychologists said that social media isn't to blame for these games, but the Internet certainly allows teens to spread information more efficiently.

"Internet provides access or a way of spreading information that we didn't have 15 years ago or beyond," Dr. Jess Shatkin, director of Education and Training at the NYU Child Study Center, said.

Psychologists warn of the lasting consequences of posting videos of these games and pranks online.

"A video posted on YouTube has the potential of reaching a broad community, much larger than the traditional communities of school and neighborhood that adolescents used to be able to reach," Yalda Uhls from the Children's Digital Media Center said. "Facebook is a written record that law enforcement can access and some children may not be aware that they are leaving this kind of digital footprint."

ABC'S Neal Karlinsky contributed to this report. ABC Affiliates KOMO and KXTV contributed to this report.

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