Texas School Finds Few Girls Good Enough for Cheerleading


Varsity cheerleader Kaylee Williams, a sophomore, had a similar complaint.

"I feel we are letting my entire grade down by not having cheerleaders at the junior varsity games, pep rallies and all other school sporting events," Williams said.

Candidates don't even qualify to attend the three-day tryouts unless they get a tumbling certification, showing they can perform maneuvers including the standing backhand spring and round off back tuck.

"At this point it go so messed up, the district needs to admit it's so messed up," said Tatum, before the district decision.

Those concerned are not asking to eliminate competitiveness, but for the district to enforce a balance and equality for both high schools.

"There needs to be a balance between remembering the importance of school spirit, leadership, excitement to spectators at games, classes represented and also being able to compete at a national level if you want to," said the parent.

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