Tom Sizemore Questioned About Missing Los Angeles Woman Megan Wren

VIDEO: The actors manager says Megan Wren wasnt Tom Sizemores
WATCH Tom Sizemore Questioned About Missing Woman

Los Angeles police questioned actor Tom Sizemore about the disappearance of a 25-year-old Los Angeles woman who was reported missing last month.

The family of aspiring actress Megan Wren reported her missing April 29 after nearly a month without seeing her.

"She's been on our mind constantly. We just want her to be safe," said her grandmother Georgiana Wren, who lives in Corona, Calif., where Megan grew up.

The case received little fanfare until word spread that Sizemore, known for his roles in "Saving Private Ryan" and "Pearl Harbor," was interviewed by police.

Sizemore's manager, Charles Lago said the pair both lived in the same building in downtown Los Angeles and became friends.

Sizemore, 49, has cooperated with the investigation and is not considered a suspect, according to police.

Bill Wren, Megan's father, could not be reached for comment but police said he had talked with Sizemore directly.

"I don't want to think that he had anything to do with the disappearing," Georgiana said.

Sizemore is currently in Germany visiting the troops and is not giving interviews on the subject.

Georgiana said she didn't know if Sizemore and Megan were dating, but that she understood that Megan worked for Sizemore. "I know he's had a checkered past and that's not for me to judge," she said.

Sizemore's manager Charles Lago, said Wren "was absolutely not his (Sizemore's) girlfriend," in response to the website TMZ's assertion that Wren and Sizemore were in a romantic relationship.

"He has absolutely nothing to hide," Lago said.

Los Angeles Police Department Detective Carmine Sasso has been working the case and said he spoke with Sizemore on the phone last week.

Sizemore described the relationship as a "friendship," according to Sasso who says he may interview Sizemore again.

Los Angeles has about 3,200 missing person cases per year and 95 to 98 percent of those people are located. Less than 1 percent are found dead, Sasso said, adding that the positive record makes him hopeful.

"I always try to be optimistic," he said. "Maybe she is getting help and things will turn out OK."

Trouble with Drugs

Georgiana described Megan's life as filled with a fair share of burdens ? her mother died in 1998 when she was hit by a car and several members of the family struggled with drug and alcohol addiction.

Megan had been addicted to heroin for about four years and in and out rehab, according to Georgiana. Lago described Megan as articulate and nice, but "unreliable" and "unpredictable" when on drugs.

Lago said Megan has not been missing since March - he personally ejected her from Sizemore's apartment April 25 when he realized Sizemore was involved in trying to assist her.

Lago suspected Megan visited Sizemore to come down off of drugs.

"Tom has had his share of problems, one of the things that we're working on is helping Tom get his life back on track," Lago said, admitting that incidents like this make it hard for Sizemore to move forward.

He has long battled addiction, but Lago said Sizemore is two years sober. Sizemore recently co-starred in a pilot for Fox alongside Ethan Hawke.

Sizemore's antics range from a 2003 physical abuse conviction against former girlfriend and Hollywood madam Heidi Fleiss, to a 2005 sex tape that made rounds on the Internet.

"Tom is a very generous guy, he likes to help people," Lago said. Lago noted that Megan has a history of disappearing, but has never been gone for this long.

Praying for Megan's Return

Georgiana said that family and friends have been holding prayer vigils asking for Megan's safe return.

"She loved it out there. She was aspiring out there and doing modeling," Georgiana said of her granddaughter's move to Los Angeles. "She just always wanted to be an actress."

Recently, friends reported that Megan had a bad staph infection and had been taken to the hospital, Georgiana added.

"We just put our hearts and hope into everything that is positive," Georgiana said. "Somebody knows something."