UCF Gunman's To-Do List Ended With 'Give 'Em Hell'


Last Item on Gunman's List Was 'Give 'Em Hell'

Seevakumaran had been a student at the university from fall 2010 until December 2012, but he did not re-enroll for the 2013 semester. He was in the process of being evicted from the dorm when he killed himself. University officials said that it should not have taken as long as it did to evict Seevakumaran, but that the school took pains to be "compassionate" to students who had nowhere to go.

Babakhani said that his roommate was a loner.

"For the most part if you said anything to him he would ignore you. He would stare off in the distance and pretend like you didn't exist. But he made eye contact with me when he pulled the gun on me. That was the best eye contact I ever had with him. He looked me dead in the eye and raised the gun," Babakhani.

His roommates said they had never seen him with guns or weapons.

University police have stressed how the number of weapons and ammunition could have led to mass tragedy.

"Anybody armed with this type of weapon could have hurt a lot of people there, particularly in a crowded area as people were evacuating," Beary said. "It could have been a very bad day."

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