Victim Relives Virginia Tech Shooting In New Film


Arizona State University graduate James Hinckley, 37, is in favor of tighter gun control. A victim of gun violence, he will spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair.

Hinckley, who graduated with a degree in social work and works with nonprofits benefiting youth development and gun control, says students might turn to guns if they're under stress.

"It's going to cause a lot of friction on campus, I believe," Hinckley said.

But in his travels Goddard has encountered several people who think guns should be allowed on campus.

"People have told me so many times to my face or through comments or whatever that, 'You know if I was there with you in your class that day, some of your students would still be alive.' And that statement almost offends me, to know how sure you would react in the most crazy situation of your life is just absurd," Goddard said.

His message to college students? Learn more about gun control. "They can't sit back apathetically to this and let a very vocal minority of the population dictate what the laws will be on their campus," he said. contributor Siera Lambrecht is a member of the ABC News on Campus program at Arizona State University.

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