Video: Woman Taking Weather Photos Shocked by Lightning

PHOTO: CC Weske and Stephanie Rey during an interview with KXLY after Rey was struck by lightning in Hayden, Ohio.PlayKXLY
WATCH Woman's Close Encounter With Lightning Caught on Tape

An Idaho woman appeared to be zapped by lightning while trying to take a photo of the dramatic weather, and her daughter, also captivated by the storm, caught the horrifying moment on video.

Stephanie Rey was outside her Hayden home with daughter CC Weske late Tuesday when the lightning struck.

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"My phone flew out of my hand, I got super hot," Rey, 46, told ABC News today. "It sounded like a gunshot. My daughter and I couldn't hear for about a minute."

Weske was about 10 feet away and wasn't struck, Rey said.

It's not clear if Rey was struck or barely avoided the bolt, but she said she feels fine today except for a slight tingle.

"I've never been struck before, so I can't compare it. I really don't know," she said.

The clip shows her mother’s shirt illuminated and ends with their piercing screams.

"I think I'm normal," Rey said. "I'm alive and thankful."

John Jensenius, the National Weather Service's lightning expert, suspects Rey was hit by a ground current.

"From her symptoms, it would seem like she did get hit, but not with a direct lightning strike," Jensenius told ABC News. "You heard the crack and saw the flash immediately, which means it was very close."