Aaron Hernandez Murder Charges: Incriminating Evidence Found

Police find clothing the former Patriots star allegedly wore the night Odin Lloyd was killed.
4:33 | 07/03/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Aaron Hernandez Murder Charges: Incriminating Evidence Found
This is a special report from me -- I'm -- -- in New -- -- -- ABC news digital special report several breaking development. Today in the Aaron Hernandez case the former New England Patriots player. Charged with first degree murder a police search on a Condo rented by Hernandez. Recover potentially incriminating evidence that could link him -- the night he is spread over Lloyd. Was killed ABC's Eric deters is fun story and joins us live now with the details. -- and what exactly did police find in this Condo. Well this condos and Franklin Massachusetts it was rented by Aaron Hernandez documents show. For 1213 hundred dollars a month sending inside. Of the the police made several potentially important findings one they sound. Three different types of ammunition including 45 caliber ammunition that's the very same type of bullet. That -- Oden Lloyd died from the other saying they found a sweatshirt and and a half. -- both of which matched the sweatshirt and hat. That Aaron Hernandez was seen wearing on surveillance video and I don't -- Lloyd was was shot and he's now accused of course of both orchestrating the murder. That's the question is because of the fact that if it. He he also had of one point three million dollar mansion not that far away is that raises suspicion that for investigators have. Why he also had a Condo rented out. According to to to court documents this was something of a flop house -- and they were led to -- By one of Hernandez's co defendants who who apparently had left. Some some keys or something else or cell phone rather behind it inside that Condo. -- police went within. They obtain the necessary documentation to go in there and and take things out. And that's when they made those findings that are part of a case that that prosecutors. Seem to be an increasingly confident and even though it. Defense attorneys say all this evidence is circumstantial. And they are looking forward to their day in court. So we're we're also learning a little bit more about Hernandez -- some court papers that were recently released -- that documented incidents. In college what do these papers show. Well -- this a couple of different incidents that Massachusetts authorities are now interested in. Now that Hernandez has been charged with murder they're naturally going back to. To different instances. In his past and one involves a bar fight. A place called the swamped right here the University of Florida campus in Gainesville and this place Hernandez was in -- 2007. There was some kind of dispute over -- bar bill and Hernandez said he didn't order the drinks that the manager wanted to pay for this is all according to police reports. And and at that point there was some kind of altercation with the manager. And come to find out that his teammate of the time Tim Tebow stepped in to try and and and sort things out calm the situation down. Tebow wasn't able to do it. The manager was hit -- daddy had a a burst eardrums. An injury he didn't find out about until later when he visited the doctor no charges were ever filed against Hernandez. And less that when -- ask you about this their reports that prosecutors could affect the offering a deal. To two other men connected in this case Carlos Ortiz. And occurs Wallace. All to give other details about Hernandez. What do we know about Wallace and Ortiz. Ortiz was the one that legend that condominium we were talking about then swears that it -- authorities found in these potentially incriminating pieces of evidence and it would be no surprise. That they would be offering. This kind of deals -- these other two. So the guy that that the prosecutors undoubtedly want is Aaron Hernandez he's the highest profile one is the one that according to them. Orchestrated the killing of -- Lloyd or perhaps because he was speaking to the wrong people. At a club in Boston so. Hernandez has the one they want and if they can get kind of a smaller fish to cooperate and testify against him on the government's behalf. You can bet they're trying to do just that. Big developments in this very high profile case ABC's -- -- with the latest on that investigation -- thank you for that. And of course -- horrendous does remain in custody being held without bail his next court date. Is set for July 24 we have a complete report. On abcnews.com. For now on -- -- New York with this ABC news digital special report. This has been a special report from the.

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{"id":19571799,"title":"Aaron Hernandez Murder Charges: Incriminating Evidence Found","duration":"4:33","description":"Police find clothing the former Patriots star allegedly wore the night Odin Lloyd was killed.","url":"/US/video/aaron-hernandez-murder-charges-incriminating-evidence-found-19571799","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}