Former Air Force Pilot Creates Meal On the Go For Dogs

Company idea launches during an outdoor adventure.
2:41 | 06/14/13

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Transcript for Former Air Force Pilot Creates Meal On the Go For Dogs
I'm -- Guerrero I am. Evers academy graduate former C 130 pilot and air force officer and today and the CEO and founder of -- -- He came up for the decisions we can't protein -- for -- because it has and I we went through going back country ski. -- We went out there for about two hours and we haven't got that he would -- And we got to the top of mountains and I was I was hungry silenced or eating. Some through that I brought Whitney. And Duncan my dog -- it means he's like. -- -- I had in my pack where these power bars and but it may document. School too bad ideas for him feared the dog got every and I -- the -- for fact that. Basically what we're doing -- -- creating meal bars for dogs. To their full meals. And they're basically the size of your iPhone. There they portable convenient when you are person you take your -- everywhere you just let me say that they need to always -- Matt and that they're cute they're being healthy way. The bison meat and indicated buyer for my husband who -- So the process of creating a -- it's fine because we actually set up my guest house has -- human kitchen and those. We got a connection of and we meet the -- there appear littered our bonds -- -- of course yeah. I went -- pilot chaining. At Pensacola with the navy as an air force officer I did three deployments. And the first to land was to Qatar. The signal and was -- Iraq and the third -- that was back. The towns -- -- while making the company. Are. -- -- think they're very daunting and and lengthy process you're constantly. Striving in taking one little step at a time -- -- Guerrero -- a generation of instant gratification inside the idea -- was like this is gonna work you -- gonna do this and open it tomorrow. I think for anybody who is -- the military. And going into -- and that it. The best thing you can do. Aides acknowledge that your about it I think that a lot of times they've -- -- people in the military and they kind of wanna leave it behind them be so proud of what you've done and what -- accomplished. And and be OK with thing I'm I'm a veteran kids those resources out there are people if you want to support you.

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{"id":19404674,"title":"Former Air Force Pilot Creates Meal On the Go For Dogs","duration":"2:41","description":"Company idea launches during an outdoor adventure. ","url":"/US/video/air-force-pilot-creates-meal-dogs-19404674","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}