The Brutal Details of Tyshawn Lee's 'Assassination' in a Chicago Alley

Authorities say three gang members carried out a "targeted assassination" of the 9-year-old boy in retribution for an earlier gang killing.
3:41 | 03/08/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for The Brutal Details of Tyshawn Lee's 'Assassination' in a Chicago Alley
Cory Martin stated that this thing since his brother was killed and his mother had been shot. He was going to kill. Grandmas. Fathers. And children. Morgan. Dodi and other uncharged co defendant. We're all members of the black. Day armed with guns looking to retaliate. At one point Dodi set out the surveillance. And tight shots grandmother. So he could kill her in order to draw out rival gang members. He also stated that his original plan. Was to torture this child. I kidnapping and cutting off his fingers his ears. I have ever second's 2050. Don't be interesting to co defendants. Were seeking further gains retaliation when he arrived at DOS are at eight hits and eight. It actually sought nine year old tight Shockley who was in the play a lot at the park. Tight shot had gone to the swing set set his basketball. I was playing on swings. Morgan and the third defendant left the plane and drove away in suvs. And Jodi stay behind the playground area. Jodi that picked up touchdowns basketball. At the end dribbling and a few times for giving it back to touch on. He then asked the child if you want to go to the store. Once I shots that he had any money. Dodi told him he would buy him whatever he wanted. I shined Dodi were then seen walking off together out of the park it into a nearby Alley. Once they reach the middle idea. Jody took out a gun and shot I shot multiple times at close range. This defendant was facing a child when he shot him. He later made statements that he. And I quote. CNET. And his hat. And story he was like he couldn't take no more short couldn't take it no one. This defense also later stated after he murdered tight shot he wanted to go back to the park. And shoot it up. The police all unfortunately the pleas were already there and he's in heat and he couldn't go back and he should ask. And he should have killed all kids in the park. This about our city get it working at a rap song in which he talks about the his killing. Outside shot when. As you know I have been prosecutor here at Chicago for nearly thirty years. And I tried hundreds of cases involving senseless gang violence and gang related homicides on the streets of Chicago. Unspeakable acts. A priest and violence. I must tighten today. I don't think at added more disgusted. And appalled by science. And it. This intentional murder tank Sean Lee is among the worst I can't see you in mind almost thirty years as a prosecutor. We can't predators running around on our streets. Pledging to kill grandma aunts and mothers and children. For nothing more than a senseless gang retaliation. We have an unprecedented crisis hands. Today's charges are very important step in working every injustice for this innocent little boy and our investigation continues as loose as we speak here today.

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{"id":37495818,"title":"The Brutal Details of Tyshawn Lee's 'Assassination' in a Chicago Alley","duration":"3:41","description":"Authorities say three gang members carried out a \"targeted assassination\" of the 9-year-old boy in retribution for an earlier gang killing.","url":"/US/video/brutal-details-tyshawn-lees-assassination-chicago-alley-37495818","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}