Fallen soldier gained fame as bike stunt star before military

La David Johnson was known in Miami Gardens as "Wheelie King."
1:37 | 10/23/17

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Transcript for Fallen soldier gained fame as bike stunt star before military
And believe me. An awesome sold. Mice should Johnson has tried to come to grips with her new reality. She just lost the love of her life Sargent David Johnson killed in combat last week. The pair known each other since they were six and Mary three years ago. They built a happy home to kids with the baby girl on the way we'll have him. Before he became a sergeant in the army Johnson was well known throughout South Florida for unique talent and I do a full forward. He was called the we leaking riding his bicycle up on one tire. But all fun aside he wanted to do something more where he would make a difference so he fulfilled a lifelong dream and enlisted in the army back in January 2014. And a little more than a month ago he set out for his second tour of duty. Heading off to Africa in a B the last time his family would see him alive. Any kids who come here them. Anything we get back. Come when I'm. He was killed last week in southwest new GA air behind enemy lines when he and three other soldiers came under fire from suspected members of ice since. All four men would die in that attack. That was the worst this day. I had ever experienced. Co London Richard Johnson early David's aunts and uncles they took on the role of raising him when his mother passed away. When David was only five and they are the only parents he's ever known. I do want area that in no. Senator David. Do you what he wanted to do he made a mark. What is John federal.

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{"id":50668908,"title":"Fallen soldier gained fame as bike stunt star before military","duration":"1:37","description":"La David Johnson was known in Miami Gardens as \"Wheelie King.\"","url":"/US/video/fallen-soldier-gained-fame-bike-stunt-star-military-50668908","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}