Florida Residents React to Powerball Win at Local Grocery

ABC News' Scott Withers is in the town of Melbourne, FL, where one of record jackpot-winning tickets were bought.
4:24 | 01/14/16

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Transcript for Florida Residents React to Powerball Win at Local Grocery
I'm Scott where there's live here in Melbourne beach with ABC news digital there's a ton of excitement right now inside and outside this publix grocery store. This is where one of thorny. Lucky powerball tickets were sold over the last few days those already here purchased a ticket worth over a happened million dollars that they're part that the total powerball jackpot obviously one point five billion dollars a little bit more we view the map. No one here knows that what now I didn't get to talk to the powerball net the public's managers a few minutes ago but they told me was ever employing had shown up for work. Nobody has called out sick so they don't think it's an employee that they don't know who won they don't know when the tape it was so. This store does get some money for selling that ticket. That's at it but that's a private issue they're not telling how much the good again now people here have been stopping by all day. Check into ticket and also just coming to celebrate the win. Toward this small community this is a very small community. Here. Outside of Orlando about an hour app out. We're just down from Cocoa Beach this is also a lot of people retirees got to spend the winter. I've found someone here that and to visit with us this is mom please please thank you so much for joining us here digital. You bought some tickets here. I think it's. I but you're front and visitor from Canada it's OK to you down here for the Windsor. What was happening when the powerball started getting outrageously. Huge what your friends in the start calling us and ask us to buy tickets. About a ticket for people up in Canada. It any of them it. Not one. Until and all the tickets purchased for your friends that in Canada not a single member not a single line now while. How exciting is it though what that would look at this morning and you found out that there is no winner and it was sold rate your regular grocery store what if you. I. Chances Georgia our chances are that while he's got it right made statements that that's one thing we won that's. I actually got a text message this morning. From Canada saying. You're to it was the ticket atlas one in Florida. Albania the last mile out and it would have sued did you get up but did you check and it did what happened walked me through that weakness. Watch the news where a lot has gotten tickets pet and mountaineers. Paula you had a lawless state voice am on the bridge. I'm afraid I guess if he outlined what's it mean for this city is here here during the winter what it's talking B 3500 people. What he's thinking around here win when you hear that somebody here's where it now after million dollars. The but it's exciting right. Citing it is exciting and I'm sure I'm hoping whoever won and spread it around a little their family and friends and make these. Charities or something that I'm sure whoever winds snapped. Got a lot its Citizens Bank. I'm misleading if you're not really the winner just not telling us right. You really do not have that it. Eyewitness. As well we always thank you so much is forgotten guys out here reminds area and it just didn't win. We're friends a candidate that you bought the ticket and they win either. And no. If you line. Public says they don't know they were told this morning about my thirty that needs all the winning. I don't know what Davis only they don't know. Op when it was old and Odom these buildings you know. We talked Florida lottery zone a little bit ago and what he told us was that they Paris winner up the Lake Erie area. Near Orlando upwards of one billion dollars and he's already in Tallahassee collecting it this morning. So motto is alive well still here they are expecting. Sales are going to drop drastically. Things that lottery the powerball jackpot now. It's a paltry. Dollars. I'm like Melbourne means business colleges where ABC news digital. Good luck and the next call her ball went.

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{"id":36289764,"title":"Florida Residents React to Powerball Win at Local Grocery","duration":"4:24","description":"ABC News' Scott Withers is in the town of Melbourne, FL, where one of record jackpot-winning tickets were bought.","url":"/US/video/florida-residents-react-powerball-win-local-grocery-36289764","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}