Fresno shooting witness describes hearing gunshots

"I felt for a pulse ... and there wasn't one," Aaron Van Curen told ABC News.
1:34 | 04/19/17

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Transcript for Fresno shooting witness describes hearing gunshots
Did you know he was dead. Well I came up again after feast after it was clear that fellow your. Felt loopholes. I know what I'm doing in that regard but I you can happen felt cripple I did there. Wasn't one. Like I felt it was neck and elbows ankles arm. And we couldn't help at home some return. Somebody else won't somebody electoral. Very. And his eyes were. We do nothing to be done. You hear a gunshot. Mr. gas it has been hit once you look outside your window. And you see mr. gasket can get hit two more time. That's just pour. Good description. Where was. Comment at this point. Out the shooter knew. He was coming well he was facing away from me. This year's buttons down the street this way mr. got a whopping on the street his basic and issue was facing us. Ice storm runoff by the time I got the front porch light I came out sidewalk. He was still about corner picking something up history. While I'd better think it's. That's.

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{"id":46898681,"title":"Fresno shooting witness describes hearing gunshots","duration":"1:34","description":"\"I felt for a pulse ... and there wasn't one,\" Aaron Van Curen told ABC News.","url":"/US/video/fresno-shooting-witness-describes-hearing-gunshots-46898681","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}