Gloucester Township Officials on Police Station Shooting

Details released in police headquarter shooting that left three officers injured.
8:35 | 12/28/12

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Transcript for Gloucester Township Officials on Police Station Shooting
Please understand that this is an active investigation. And that I am unable to release certain information -- I'm sure you can understand. Today the men and women of the Gloucester township police department. Quickly responded to the scene a domestic violence incident. Their actions of protecting the community quickly escalated. From responding to a call for service. Two performances of heroic actions by members of this police department. Early this morning at approximately 5:30 AM an officer was viciously attacked in our police headquarters and was disarmed. The is suspect attacked the officers and unleashed a barrage of gunfire at the officers. The officers responded. With quick and decisive action. And engaged in an armed assailant firing repeatedly. I am so proud of the actions of these officers as they place themselves in harm's way. To save the lives of their fellow officers police dispatchers. And our community members during this suspect's. Escape attempt. I am so thankful that all the officers. That were injured are expected to make a full recovery. The officers involved in today's incidents include sergeant James Garber a thirteen year veteran of the Gloucester county police department. Sargent Kevin fine. An eight year veteran of the Gloucester township police department and officer -- burns a one year veteran of the Gloucester township police department. The specific details that can be released at this time include. This morning Friday December 28 and approximately 107 AM Gloucester township police responded to a residential home. Located in Gloucester township for report of a suspicious -- person walking around the outside -- the caller provided -- basic description of the male and a vehicle that was in the area. Officers arrived on location in the area and observing vehicle. Matching the description given by the collar leading the area the responding officer stopped this vehicle. And began speaking with the operator who identified himself as -- Jones the third at age 39 of Willingboro New Jersey. Mr. Jones also produced identification from the New Jersey department of corrections and identified himself as a New Jersey department of corrections officer. Officers learned during the course of the investing this field investigation of mr. Jones is employed by the New Jersey department of corrections. As a civilian communications officer and not -- sworn corrections officer. Officers -- the mister Jones was stalking the home of a former girlfriend. The location of the initial incident at 107 AM and the name of the female female victim are being withheld to protect the identity of this domestic violence victim. Officers placed mr. Jones under arrest for numerous offenses including stalking. Mr. Jones was transported to the Gloucester township police department for processing relating to -- charges. As part of senior processing in many cases the handcuffs are removed it brief time from mr. Jones and he suddenly attacked the officer. Tackling her to the ground streaking her on the head and removing her department issued firearm proper holster. Two officers immediately proceeded to her aid. And as they -- the processing room. Upon hearing the struggle mr. Jones opened fire on the two officers. Eddie Jones continued rapid fire Iraqi officers while Sargent carver and sort of -- returned fire. Sargent Kevin time was shot in his duty -- which caused a laceration to his stomach. He also suffered a gunshot graze wound to his -- Officer -- burns suffered a gunshot wound to her -- Sargent Jim Garber was shot multiple times. Including at least one time in his chest which -- which was stopped by his body armor. Sargent -- was also shot once in the abdomen and also suffered a grazing gunshot wound to his head. Eddie Jones was shot multiple times by police and was pronounced dead at the scene. Mr. jones' family has been notified of this attack on our officers and mr. Jones -- subsequent death. Sargent Kenneth Tynan officer -- burns were retreated and released from Cooper hospital. Sergeant James -- underwent surgery at Cooper hospital for gunshot wound to the stomach and is in stable condition. All officers involved in this in that incident are on administrative leave as is standard procedure involving police related shootings. This investigation is being conducted jointly by the Camden county prosecutor's office and the Gloucester township police investigations bureau. I am thankful to all the community members -- lost law enforcement officers and community leaders for their support and prayers throughout this entire day. -- special thanks to the Camden police department for their assistance to Cooper hospital I would also like to thank the cherry -- police department. Pine -- police department and death for police department perform for providing additional police personnel early this morning to assist with police operations. I would also like to thank -- New Jersey fraternal order of police. The Gloucester township fraternal order of police and the many officers of the Gloucester township police department who left their homes early this morning. To be at the hospital offering their support and prayers. I'm also very proud of the officers who responded to assist in the management of this incident. And for the Gloucester township police dispatchers and officers. Who continue to respond to calls for service despite three of their police family members being attacked and shot. It is important for connect community members to know that we continue to instill continue to fully operate and provide police service to the community. This is only because of the dedication of all the members of the Gloucester township police department and our fellow law enforcement officers from throughout the region. Our investigators have been in contact with the New Jersey department of corrections and those officials have offered their cooperation. And assistance this investigation. As -- their condolences to the injured -- officers. Search all media members to respect the privacy. Of officers and their families might not attempting to contact them in anyway. Again I am most thankful for the Iran efforts of these officers in risking their lives and saving -- of countless hours. Now like to introduced mayor David -- Maer asked me. Thank -- chief. Every day as a mayor you worry about the safety of those who serve us in public safety. And this morning. The reality of -- cruel world fell upon our doorsteps. Today our community experience. And unprovoked. Violent act against those. Who serve and protect the residents of Gloucester township. We are still very fortunate and we thank god that our officers. Are expected. To fully recover. Arlington thank the medical professor professionals at Cooper university hospital for -- -- very high level of medical care this morning. I also want to especially thank -- -- The command staff here in Gloucester township. And the men and women of the Gloucester township police department. For their professionalism. And -- their dedication. To keeping Gloucester township safe. These guardians in blue. Leave their families they leave their homes to protect our families and our homes so today we are there for them. And for their families. On behalf of the residents of Gloucester township I want -- -- all of those who have expressed the well wishes and offers of assistance to our community. Thank you. -- -- -- -- -- -- I just want to reiterate what. Chief Earl says this is an active -- -- investigation. Pursuant to the attorney general protocols for officer involved shootings. The prosecutor's office is the lead agency on the investigation. And we're being ably assisted by the cluster township. Police department. This investigation will not be completed four and number of days and only. -- we conclude our investigation it won't be reported to the attorney general's office. Seven that's the procedure. Under which we are operating at this time. And a lot of the details says chief -- indicated cannot be made public at this time because of an ongoing investigation. So we may not be able to answer all of your questions today what we want to give you as much information as we obviously -- at this point thank you.

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{"id":18084841,"title":"Gloucester Township Officials on Police Station Shooting","duration":"8:35","description":"Details released in police headquarter shooting that left three officers injured.","url":"/US/video/gloucester-township-officials-police-station-shooting-18084841","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}