Governors' Stanley Cup Bet Involves Rice Cakes

The governors of New York and California make a unique wager for this year's Stanley Cup.
1:34 | 06/04/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Governors' Stanley Cup Bet Involves Rice Cakes
Still West Coast rivalry is -- the Los Angeles Kings take on the New York Rangers tonight at the staples center for game one of the Stanley Cup finals I predict. Tremendous success for the Rangers politicians from new York and LA bringing out the big guns making. He wager isn't sleeping bag. New York governor Andrew come out promises governor Jerry Brown in New York gift basket and commemorative hockey -- keep the kings win. Governor Jerry Brown promises that they kings lose -- will -- governor Connell delicious California made -- as organic. -- -- -- -- -- -- Give them give on the -- basketball -- sign hockey puck at that given Donald Sterling let them deal with that guy you know. There are are -- also getting in on the action working up the deet tails of a friendly -- with New York mayor build -- Lazio bill. Buzz is better in New York but I think a quick trip out here to singing solitude because the mayor of Garcetti and I are working out elaborate terms of -- -- But it's a bet he will half to honor and I'm going to win. Meantime the Staples Center getting prepped for tonight's game LAPD says they will have extra officers on patrol. When reminds everyone to keep tonight's game fun and six. Kinks fans have been great they were great during the last cup series and then be great -- this one -- one remind everybody that you know -- -- -- whose -- be out there. In force to make sure that everybody is allowed have a good time and -- a few people don't spoke for the rest.

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{"id":23996735,"title":"Governors' Stanley Cup Bet Involves Rice Cakes","duration":"1:34","description":"The governors of New York and California make a unique wager for this year's Stanley Cup.","url":"/US/video/governors-stanley-cup-bet-involves-rice-cakes-23996735","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}