Performer Injured in Human Chandelier Collapse: 'We Will Never Be the Same'

Recovering circus performers speak for the first time since being hospitalized after plunge.
32:03 | 06/17/14

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Transcript for Performer Injured in Human Chandelier Collapse: 'We Will Never Be the Same'
A collapsing human chandelier a long road to recovery for the acrobats injured in -- horrific fall during a circus performance. Many of them still in physical therapy and some still requiring more surgery hello everyone I'm Michelle Franzen in the -- New York for the first time. Hair raising acrobats are speaking out let's listen in at a press conference. We'll give us its -- -- leaking gets put on. Anthony called the Kyoto but heads continued the hail us leap that I had a plea to get to bed at and the -- that. It's you can seeing all of us. We have been heavily into it some of athletic glad remaining set entities and filming -- -- -- -- if we hadn't been dying. Don't -- the phantoms with knowledge -- they'll never be the same. But now that -- get a -- the -- life. We had a little meaningful look -- gain. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We call or Monday or later they'll be thinking -- -- that the weekend and -- what a life without these Spain. I can't and the Seneca photo -- yes it's a long time. And all ending the death count from different companies but on on around the globe. We can't -- fed and that a decent but we had a running that a national family. And -- will be coming that a national payment and the therapist who -- after that -- on each other. We'll look in the mean anything to get that feeling you fought outer -- they -- -- -- -- the four week. We don't get a giant and making others happy that's Milton along that account of -- in any. Don't know what -- -- they'll call it. Only is it make us say it but teen we'll -- -- -- the go but the -- lacked -- -- with a little -- they love the bill. We had a kid being the be Kia -- life. We still can hope and the names and think you'll. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- like the things could you photo below all of this of Chicago put it failed think fast and thankful find out what happened that day. In the -- confident that they will get as that ounce that we need and we want. They will allow -- us. Don't fault we'll still get into bed net and -- -- the latter. How we are doing -- pants. At a fuel needed for all of us. Still believe and don't forget as it's a continual -- along -- heating. I didn't like the special paint. But all of -- that it got but. That a lot of money and expect -- -- and all out around the globe. Also I don't they -- -- gamble game. We'll Linda -- skiing well getting will not -- -- he had any amazed. Over the -- -- it's just the bottom. We'll -- fuel payments on the life and. -- -- -- -- -- I'm. I'm from Ukraine. And then they've they've -- it out. -- -- -- -- Think that if it's -- -- it sits at. All -- -- all things that. Full laughing the -- for what bidding if they -- it and failed. -- but end up I don't know she cannot be in it -- people. Underline another question that they. But sitting -- the meet -- and it'll. Be good faith and -- and I think we'll. All of that if hopeful they'll. And vegetable. -- -- but all night. I don't know. All. Hold. -- this -- bad things that bad about. And sitting at Tel plus. -- My eighteenth thanking -- -- and it's Friday -- think it's five. They have been independent since the filming me yes it -- the development and let -- -- like it sold. And that -- -- and -- -- and plus the -- if it was. It's thought that it might act as anything is -- -- that it available. When Abel said Brad Bennett is a lot of I think -- He also. You -- -- could be at such a wonderful women and -- young woman. Hold it culminated -- But the -- pool -- being -- his son since being real and meaningful. -- I would definitely about this. Full -- -- and my life. I want the thin -- brands and before. At the Elaine keep it that that kind of -- that -- said Chris what can. Follow all in some way collection is that they make it out and -- -- -- They fear that things kill anyone thought of that and fans from all -- out so well. And believe failure pudding and I think my -- the lives and keep. And they called that my rather thing going -- -- -- -- And they putting him until 10 -- my pants. Okay. Couldn't. Jerusalem state. Thank you in the world -- his car while. I want the people -- Trenton avenue. -- -- -- people. I -- fool you want all my. I didn't want that -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We want me to. Not only -- people say yeah. You never get. Neuman what what do about it. Here. That's second half mile from the airport couple feet 11 -- I'm -- Well let me know about it by the youthful head back. -- -- I mean -- -- car theft and Vivian. I in my home with my friend Stephanie mandates who is also from -- -- Want to thank all of that the info. Through their prison that Baden say it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- To keep film -- every day. It is a veteran that we -- And difficult. And painful. Week called me. Then thought. Until now should they still don't know what's gonna happen with after that. But I am so thankful to god and too many maintenance. -- it would -- of my life back. And say since you -- Yeah night. This god that -- My friends. Is this. It is our big thing. I want to thank you -- and they have amazing doctrine isn't a serious. And to roll INS. And also he -- espousing. And island say things so far my ever made that. Was -- new love we'll -- -- They stop at him and I. Believe everything netting Brazil. And they came -- to leave my life. Am I I don't know what what -- I couldn't doing about them. -- Good days and how did everything something you. They're physically better do you plan may think they cannot -- My thanks to -- -- that -- and they would. But it ended the end there really isn't tool I don't give up. And -- and so I -- so thank -- -- fired them. Can being here with me and they like believing that this that in Brazil. And I'm so thank pharmacies. And my but I betting and my husband. -- they -- is it -- and help me with. That that that they adding that in my life. The -- homes. Movement. You know what -- did -- -- it's sad but as I mean -- He should follow what I don't. For me. And -- it. We'll get on this Snoqualmie able plant in -- Basing of -- -- aided by this fell by about an amnesty they've -- It was almost think that they do is impeded and this -- gunman -- -- -- when. Full at least I -- boundaries EE east saint in -- upset but -- couldn't he. Pretty bad. I just I I just want to say that it is an honor to represent these young ladies. We first met them about four weeks ago and we never realize. How much of a family they are. The first thing they said to us was -- dependable we want to stay together as a -- -- We want to stay together as a -- We will. Patient together. Slowly but surely they're all coming together once again as -- it -- -- had never met circus people before. I've really discovered how close they are. How wonderful they are how dedicated they are to this circus entertainment industry. To entertain all of us. And we're going to do everything we can end for these young winds. And of course we know -- for questions. -- Not -- unfortunately our investigation is somewhat hindered. By -- show which is doing a investigation at this time. So we do not have access. To instruments and other items that were taken by OSHA until they finish their investigation. -- We we have no opinion yet as to who would be a potential defendant. There there -- -- little legal difference I'd like to explain. One is when an employee is injured you're covered by workers' compensation. These ladies are considered employees of the circus that are covered their -- -- by workers' compensation. And workers' compensation is an exclusive remedy. Which means you cannot file a -- under a typical college all -- negligence against your employer. So we will be looking for a third party potential defendants. Ultimately employ. It could be we don't even we're not even shore. We're -- manufacturers as they have big error in. Pollution. In most states you are precluded from naming the employer. As a direct defendant. In the typical common law negligence lawsuit that you might see. In your local courthouses yes. -- the venue would. It's. I think it's too early to tell that at this point because when. We've been limited and our investigation in terms of what's been turned over -- -- who didn't want terms of setting up the show. But that is a possibility and we're looking at every angle and every potential defendant Perez because of the severity of injury itself. Yeah we're releasing a statement to be effective they'd be responsible for the -- medical costs that. Come to bear that happening. That is happening yes the workers' compensation carrier it's -- all the medical Jordan all the real rehabilitation -- That's -- excellent. And that receiving excellent -- here. This is an outstanding for so. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That fact it's mine and my opponent creation. It's my thing. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Just to get -- work. Iowa and -- the other hand. Is now. The way that thing was put together who have responsibility to -- proof that that's something that's going to be found through our best -- she is very limited knowledge of it is an -- that they created that there were a lot of people filed. Putting that act together it's not like they said hey let's do this they put -- -- to fit their practice of for a long time it was. Well put together structure yeah. Something -- -- These performers. And live safety. Was there any. Preparation. For something. But don't offend them. -- never confident that somebody. These girls would never have gotten. You can chandelier if they had any idea -- initially had any chance of -- -- There's little things and many of us know about this we'll. This. The shipments. -- there -- people. Are you anxious to get her talent or is it -- you all. To go back to this. I can safely and count me and I felt god put me I would be cannot -- -- go back and don't make let say. -- -- a little bit what they. Often don't think you might didn't. I going to be any -- day that -- -- -- my -- I'm in my -- I cannot vote for another against. Let me I'm getting. -- -- It's only bad thing about the -- and upstate. Spare me -- game. -- -- In difficult. Here please. Don't look at -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We'll -- talking. Generally they. -- -- -- -- -- You know admitted it cut city and -- They -- -- He -- -- -- me. Many bad men say it was a man for the sake get syphilis and cool. English -- -- and is fine point. Condit. Same -- that. And give -- a mayoral candidate and -- who had to key. No group of their. You look creativity -- putting -- behind him. He -- -- game. Moves aimed at eighteen most kids -- -- could -- -- civilian. Require -- -- He. Bill. Annual bought it. So -- -- Made. Had -- -- economy nominees and sentenced two. Happening man who we'll back. To. Batteries from the -- Fall but I mean can you. It is pleased. We're gonna -- my question was. This what -- what yeah what's more painful. I don't think he's. Yeah isn't limited to specific personal assistant vice those say each one of ladies except for into. -- -- multiple fractures. Multiple surgeries. In their limbs and their legs and arms -- and -- Very very serious injuries. I can't imagine what he. A -- there was at -- hospital that Sunday afternoon. Where they had to -- immediate surgery on emerging basis decompress. The spies so the girls were not paralyzed and it's enough. About the medical facility at the Rhode Island hospital. -- -- -- surgeons. Would call -- six very seriously injured the only. -- of the spinal fractures were so bad and so emergence of the -- literally had two surgeries at the same time. The girls to make sure that they have the chance to be able to what it was. Right. I did not identify -- won't say anything you've been. I'm afraid we're release. It's -- If you can -- their own pretty bad shape and its latest it's it's -- fluid situation. One girl had surgery today for something came up another -- still. Seven is still in Rhode Island she wants to make her way to Boston -- -- its application. So I think it's safe to say that they're going to -- profiling them once they're released from the hospital. They're going to be at some type of outpatient rehabilitation. The most important thing for these girls is that none of them. Get sent someone else and they can all be together. Their family they work together as a family perform together they need to heal together. And that's the most important thing for that was to get the treatment here together again and -- split up and sense of what we're gonna do everything we can't picture. They're concerned. There's a concern always that they might be sent to a different facility that might not have the choice of staying in this facility here that might. It better and that left some. All of these days. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Young ladies and. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- People. And all. -- -- -- -- -- -- That I can answer questions about that lately is that -- they would never -- 28. And apparatus that they would have believed what -- -- real. -- Then we're. I'm form ten -- Could order questions. It focuses Robert -- Not to. People. You don't know they're good. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- When you can -- beautifully. But. People wouldn't welcome. -- -- -- -- -- Verizon is amazing dedicated his life -- -- -- if that's okay we'll tell. Him I'm. So. I want it to say that you can continue to change as much as you want. I want consultant -- -- -- If it's something that you -- Thinking of not going to just follow -- -- -- what city casino to -- us from new. Guys are actually say. As -- also made this your dedication to their work where they. Live where you work. -- with each other -- all the time. -- ensure almost every week -- twice we've all over the country. It truly is has dedicated her life that the young ladies -- Themselves can. Which for most of them frankly I think it's going to be involved one one victory -- The other there's a video of that and everybody's saying that and would be psychological damage did you girls have they would rather not -- if I just want to thank. Something. We. -- that in the accident. All of us. Asked about the money each other and -- -- -- -- -- I'm -- make sure. Another all of us if -- -- I don't have that -- but for the people. If anybody its -- Just -- even dead. -- body and I know that. All of eight. But -- not. -- that. We all -- life. Here. He's like. All I don't know I don't know not at all. You know obviously these executives from several girls -- -- -- mean -- Much less -- in the -- and an act that artistic movements. Acquired and are important shirt. So truly is -- in life changing event for them. One other thing that's very important to these girls is that they want us to find the root cause of what made this happen. Because a lot of circus performers are suspended in the air. And they want no stone unturned to find out what made this happen so that they can make sure that this never happens and another circus act again. And -- you know they've they've asked us to keep you posted. In terms of what we find throughout the course of our investigation once the file a lawsuit that once -- Before that things nothing will be kept hidden in this case in terms of what -- -- But they don't feel like prohibition as they had better will be back with you okay. Security reviewing the agents. Victoria you're going to be thirty factories into my -- Svetlana holder knew and when he -- -- you're twenty man. And 26. When every building. Me and that's what it felt like -- reform and what it felt should be. Don't want to get them on the content of the bubbly pink we have got to get than anything else. It just wouldn't put on the -- indexing giant inherent they had they edited. Game hitting -- from available all of them and everything else. They just give and then -- -- they'll need to let you know. That line. We love them because they've been on the -- but -- everybody -- in the senate this commitment they know it's a magic. -- -- -- -- -- Even if you go to get out. His. I cannot explain. Is there. It's like your home that's my home book says you can't they feel -- it. They all my life. -- -- -- We're we're not gonna talk about any. Liability or any issues about what happened because of an all this speculative at this point but none of us have seen -- -- -- Any time for a -- -- -- -- -- -- Investigation. Takes office. We we don't know I spoke devotion as early as this weekend they're not done what their reports. What we're trying to get access to the Caribbean -- that was photographed Lindsay had so our experts -- -- did the work and what they're doing what worked what that that we've also sent protective letters out. To various potential. Defendants that update coming -- possession with the Caribbean or any of the other parts of the apparatus sort of cables -- -- that's reported that they protect bad and that. Do anything to -- so we can conduct our investigation into the root cause of us. -- -- -- -- -- You know that's very good question let young lady's answer that question. -- -- in the times I've spent with them. Even seeing the anger. They're just such peoples that perhaps had accepted the risk. Well. Something that you might. Like answer that question. -- -- And portal where he's -- Therefore knew something. First -- PM. I cannot say it's fun and -- lake. I think what you need to do is just that and how but lake then that a book because. Most of last can help -- -- yes. I hope that's gonna happen on -- and let that happen really just seek -- something. -- -- -- -- So there's a legal question that that they can't. -- -- -- Live from -- So other people. -- and chair. Can walk and moved. From. -- have formal entrance. Who. They're -- -- -- -- music out there are lots. This is very hard on -- Current -- -- quest for the please please please do when they're -- but the blueprint of its -- -- began. In Rhode. -- -- -- -- -- And that's a -- some of -- to man couldn't finish Clinton's affair maintain them. How we conduct clinical events letting vote as skillful customized. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Think things over. Thank you very much. -- look need to press conference out of Rhode Island. Young performers from that. Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey circus accident in rock Providence, Rhode Island where eight were injured during -- performance. And today attorneys representing seven of the eight acrobats. Held that news conference where -- -- acrobats. Also spoke no lawsuit has been filed as it yet but the lawyers representing. Those young performers say that they are investigating the collapse and will begin their investigation. Once OSHA finalized -- theirs. Of course this has been an ABC news digital special report and keep up with the story in real time by downloading the ABC news -- And star in this story for exclusive updates on the go for now I'm Michelle Franzen in new.

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{"id":24183514,"title":"Performer Injured in Human Chandelier Collapse: 'We Will Never Be the Same'","duration":"32:03","description":"Recovering circus performers speak for the first time since being hospitalized after plunge.","url":"/US/video/human-chandelier-accident-circus-performer-injured-collapse-24183514","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}