Idaho Teacher Accused of Locking Boy, 5, in Dark Closet

Kindergarten teacher admits to forgetting about the boy after disciplining him.
1:44 | 12/01/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Idaho Teacher Accused of Locking Boy, 5, in Dark Closet
-- sent all the doors unlocked he could've got out in five years old if he was put in that room he supposed to stay there. And then the teacher goes home where James Cagle suntan or didn't come home from kindergarten on the bus Wednesday this father -- concern. After not knowing where tanner was for more than an hour after school let out James and his wife walked in the -- -- Washington elementary to look for their son. -- -- goals -- entertainers classroom and found tenor in what James calls closet. Cagle says Andrew teacher admitted to putting tanner in the room did discipline yet and then forgot about her student and left school days and with -- still in the closet. We contacted the -- school district for response. An assistant superintendent said the district regrets this incident happening and will do everything it can to ensure it doesn't happen again. But -- also sad that teacher put tenor in -- tutoring room with several tables and chairs. -- disagrees with that description. -- actually went there this morning to see it myself there was one small table and around that I could reach across and -- the walls on one side. It was a little bit longer the other way it was like a jail cell. And now this father wants his son's teacher. Punished if somebody call the police and said that hey there's a dad the locked -- kid in a small room. With no lights. And he was in their soul along and he was crying and a -- in his -- I would be going to jail. If not the very least CP has to be here taken my children. How is -- any different for a schoolteacher. Eric -- good morning night up on your side.

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{"id":17854171,"title":"Idaho Teacher Accused of Locking Boy, 5, in Dark Closet","duration":"1:44","description":"Kindergarten teacher admits to forgetting about the boy after disciplining him.","url":"/US/video/idaho-teacher-accused-locking-boy-dark-closet-17854171","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}