Man Lost in Wilderness Carved Goodbye Note Before Rescue

Mike Vilhauer, 58, spent five days without food after getting lost from his campsite.
1:40 | 08/15/14

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Transcript for Man Lost in Wilderness Carved Goodbye Note Before Rescue
When I got us this that your doctor in the comfort of his own home -- every drink a lot of water. It's a place Mike -- power at one point didn't think he'd never seen again maybe this is going to be yet he was fishing alone last Wednesday at lower cents at Macon Alpine county when he got lost from his -- site. The 58 year old went five days without food. I had to do my own version of the survivor man the idiots version with. Drinking -- -- puddles in drives stream beds. No GPS all Bill Keller had on him with this -- graphical map. He climbed up and down in the column. One mistake after another one of things is just zigzagging up and down looking. Down instead of looking and -- taking note in my surroundings. He -- the bottom of his pants and underwear bomber to keep it was a mementos Villa -- encountered a Wolverine bears and deer. Finally he decided to stay -- and made a big sign I mean -- help. -- like a Tom Hanks in castaway but it was eight -- on Friday searchers started looking for him I. Heard of helicopters on -- a few occasions but they were in the distance. You know and you get emotional and I hear they're gonna see me and then nothing. He didn't think he'd make it out alive even carving final notes to his family on this piece of wood. Finally on Sunday the chopper returned -- We kept on missing me -- -- me who lives in -- -- right on top of me for God's sake. Bill Howard later found out the chopper was communicating with ground crews who arrived about an hour later. That was. Quite a -- mean we're all in Orange and -- -- settlements. Christmas I'm go back up there by a whole lot of rounds beer at some point if that's up.

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{"id":24999765,"title":"Man Lost in Wilderness Carved Goodbye Note Before Rescue","duration":"1:40","description":"Mike Vilhauer, 58, spent five days without food after getting lost from his campsite.","url":"/US/video/man-lost-in-wilderness-carved-goodbye-note-before-rescue-24999765","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}