Two Maryland Deputies Killed in Shootout

The officers were shot while responding to a call at a shopping center in Abingdon, Maryland.
1:48 | 02/10/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Two Maryland Deputies Killed in Shootout
It's with great sadness I tell you. Both deputies were shot earlier today had succumbed to their injuries. One of our deputies with a thirty year veteran of the State's NC. Church to the core services division. The other deputies pitcher this agency for the last sixteen years and was assigned to the community services division. I would ask it this time to please. Respect the family's privacy and dignity threw the period of grieving. In the last few hours we've identified deceased suspect in this case is David Brian Evans 67 year old white male. It was born on twelve point 51947. Evans at least two outstanding warrant it changed dates. For his arrest. Want them to war without the state of Florida for assaulting a police officer and fleeing and eluding. The second district or Circuit Court civil war that was issued here in Hartford and the preliminary information of course we have a long way to go with its investigation. Indicates that at least two sheriff's office deputies. Fired rounds at the suspect. Neither. Of those do it it. We're a month or deceased officers. She additional. Deputies responded after the initial shooting. Fired rounds both for the agency policy protocol. Have been placed on administrative duties pending complete investigation. Evidence from multiple crime scene is currently being process that will identify and fired the rounds this actually struck the suspect. Would like to point out that the loaded handgun was recovered from the inside the suspect from the suspect inside the vehicle with them.

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{"id":36846862,"title":"Two Maryland Deputies Killed in Shootout","duration":"1:48","description":"The officers were shot while responding to a call at a shopping center in Abingdon, Maryland.","url":"/US/video/maryland-deputies-killed-shootout-36846862","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}