Mobile Pot Clinics Fight Closure

Calif. city attempts to stop dispensaries from setting up shops, mobile delivery service.
1:46 | 06/15/13

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Transcript for Mobile Pot Clinics Fight Closure
Up until about a month ago you could find a number of storefront dispensaries in Riverside places where medical marijuana was available for pickup. I -- several. Bipolar and I don't like two engines wheels on small but people like Corey wilders -- say -- -- a tough spot. Now that the State Supreme Court has ruled that cities are allowed to ban medical marijuana dispensaries to solve the clinics closed down rumors side. This is one of the dispensaries in Riverside it's now. Close no longer open for business but many of these places have found a loophole. Instead of operating out of a storefront they decided to open may delivery business. But now the city is ban that -- we see everything from. You know -- going and buying and then reselling the kids right outside. On the streets mayor rusty Bailey says the city has good reasons to ban not only storefront dispensaries but mobile dispensaries to. We -- be added that make sure that they knew that we -- -- accept that. In Riverside. But an attorney representing the medical marijuana co ops says the city is overstepping its bounds the vehicle codes -- -- California cover. Mobile activities and they pre empt the cities from regulating. Delivery services or distribution by vehicles attorney James the -- -- says he's already filed a lawsuit over this. Still while some think mobile dispensaries are -- positive and just you know doing -- service customer service people. I think it's pretty great idea others are skeptical of those who would sell marijuana from their car. I think it's not -- Personal -- in Riverside rob MacMillan. ABC seven Eyewitness News.

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{"id":19410621,"title":"Mobile Pot Clinics Fight Closure","duration":"1:46","description":"Calif. city attempts to stop dispensaries from setting up shops, mobile delivery service.","url":"/US/video/mobile-pot-clinics-fight-closure-19410621","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}