'The Punishers' Biker Club Takes on 7-Year-Old's School Bullies in a Unique Way

Biker club takes on 7-year-old's school bullies.
1:05 | 05/26/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'The Punishers' Biker Club Takes on 7-Year-Old's School Bullies in a Unique Way
She can spending political back. Alexandria Reynolds says her daughter's seven year old a lot of Rihanna is having a hard time in school the first grader at Marshall elementary. Has allegedly been bully are over a year since it popped and I am buyout could be part of and that she's the Tomlin. One of Andre on his favorite things to do. Is writing her dirt bike. And CEO loves motorcycles. And it's her daughter's love for motorcycles. That inspired Alexandria. To enlist the help of the high measures. Their law enforcement motorcycle club in Toledo. And while they may look dark and dangerous they're far from it the first thing we thought of was trying to help or anywhere it would cut. The group says once they met Adriano. They formed a special bond we got her best. We told urged things like her uncle's alleged bar him now a community thing let us know. Today the group made up of service members and first responders being did together to help this little girl. Tied. Nice surprising her favorite pick up on him. With a right to school on a motorcycle. Given a ride to school how to turn things around before we're just trying to uplift her spirit excellent moment on everybody's me mariners podium makes people in the world and the guys have really done a wonderful job helping us that an intern left these big burly men feeling Trout. Any chance we get we'll hop heads out. In Toledo MacKenzie key line thirteen BC action news.

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{"id":39397549,"title":"'The Punishers' Biker Club Takes on 7-Year-Old's School Bullies in a Unique Way","duration":"1:05","description":"Biker club takes on 7-year-old's school bullies.","url":"/US/video/punishers-biker-club-takes-year-olds-school-bullies-39397549","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}