Seal Training at the Smithsonian National Zoo

ABC News' Freda Kashi gets up close and personal with Gunther the seal for a training session.
14:03 | 10/19/16

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Transcript for Seal Training at the Smithsonian National Zoo
Hey everyone I'm ABC is spreading trashy with ABC news digital we are here today with Christina cast alone. At the Smithsonian National Zoo getting a super sneak peek at the seal exhibit so we're gonna take some time today and go behind the scenes with ace. He's our guy and that we hear her remaining going to ask the actress I really do fit to play a little bit about the case set an eight. For animals a wide variety of things he had to carry. We had key Clinton. Of course anything you know swing. And then we had some other fans. And employers are really big Mac round grade so we're about to see if eating at that rate that's her time and this isn't the scene for you guys who eat iron. Right living to our we've got a couple of RBC news or assume things standing history here yeah. Great program and we certainly I mean hello Rebecca and Diana rate outcomes of the exhibit and you see how the animals recognize their name. And are able to come over to less incidents in which trainer they're working. He doesn't doesn't. And under the linen and go ahead and call over the Atlantic sit next and bring them guy. Yeah. I hate that. Yeah there. I. Think yeah great PL. It was born under human care and less about three years ago from the new Jersey state aquarium. LO ST between Rick reed very important region. The reason in mental stimulation and to use their brains each and every day. The next three is physical exercise. Economy should they move all of another study and it but the most important reason. Is husbandry. Yeah health care became animals actively participate. I think that a doctor or dentist as you we train our utmost to do with us it's. This is pretty content on the screen so that he had something about his son while the top. L fifteen hundreds when you say something to speed right out of the water they all respond to their name out. Under the headings. Minutes from someone they recognize OK and it always helps when you have a big bucket of fish that you as well and someone of the frisky is that Steelers sea lion Larry. I dropped. Let me say that our animals we'll sit Mason steady. And apps now unfortunately it's not under your butt out and actually and it's not. Abound with seals sea lions and while exit from him in the mouth when he. So a lot of times international habitat about tonight props and lest they lose their site that lets addition hundreds and easier prey for sharks and killer whales. Here at his do you. They get restaurant quality seafood handed to them. Cool it's that does not contain any predators didn't think you've. We're able to actually teach them. So by treating them to participate in her own health and I can't send them out. See how that. Tonight he's a very giveaway and learns very easily what we're expecting a very Smart. And I hadn't animal participate in health care B heaters that he does he hears a lot less stressful for the animal. Beekeeper. And engineering and that is working. So damn well actually rollover at a site. And let me take down his belly so I can actually say it's. And it. And in front of her eyes. And let him out. Note that he's done and I and it isn't waiting for him. Compared very sweet I mean very very close to here doesn't know me and he's pretty close to me. Are sealed normally very. Yeah style yeah. I would never recommend locking up Smithfield found out it beats on its illegal because of the marine mammal protection act but more importantly. This is the wildly. He's doing a very big giant and we worked very hard on her relationship with these. They don't fear fear the government to be nice and pop and he isn't wild animal it appears DB been very. Those teeth into a lot and image. No one of the meters that we're working currently with that there. Is to get an ex mayor you grant it's well. So we actually at. All tax rate place. Wrapped in plastic because that's what the real late is going to be these guys a marine mammal. And actually plates are not yet apparently designed from us so well rested. On a plane see your treating him he's ready for medical. He acted as much. Before the actual event happened. So that looks like this over and we actually need him honest tonight. But that's all the anti arson and as they tell us that at any rate your buddy. And again he will. Either. And have an open. Deadline that. See David this. Eric. That's right. Does something corrects its every war. He does something practice ignoring and either move on to something else are trying to be he'd hear again. He didn't really think now with that so what are the news makes me and had a and every time I bet he bless you haven't seen my butt and some ice cubes that seems to enjoy. But he did really good and that actually think eager. And on indignantly. Pushing it and keep turning just in case he doesn't do it well the next time. He got a bunch of fish for so hopefully next time we asked where the behavior he remembers hey I did this. I'm gonna get a cut at this I just do one more time. How lucky you via extremely animals I think that they would do naturally. Now actually win a seal has a big fish they might rip it. Yeah. In order to break apart into smaller pieces. For the most part but not shooting it. Known to think this line is an open it's like going down that number isn't big guys. So it isn't even as being face. Did the right down which Democrats and even bigger this has got heart into it down it's not some moments of please around 780. Pounds right now I. We wait and every week I didn't husbandry behaviors and you know what I got to be. Let me ask if it won't try out. They're not. So he did a great. In the months. I mention that he gets us gallon every week. But so there he's a very long animal. So when he gives honest you know doesn't always fit simply added saying Hannity he here. That helped. It does anybody actually I'm and l.'s leading get an accurate when he got. As seals meet a variety of sound money of the glowing. Pending hissing and growling sounds hot. You can hear what the meal. I think he's flying training in Italy yeah. And endowment waiting list ET that really out rescue and. And the it. Between the feeling is lying a lot of people can use those again. Looking at here in this idea it's true CO. Do you find it. See you. But think you can see. That's one of the differences right away and think and you can see three little beautiful. He doesn't have external flatly you and I hack. Another blatant how much did the clippers' Chris hasn't really short creek flipper and they have the and that front flipper. Those nails helping feels when in cold icy waters that they can actually climb onto an iceberg. Now you actually Nolan field will not only end to begin. Yeah sega's and a lot Durant and it Bentley yeah. Hot sunny valley when England. If you easiest you line. It doesn't make inroads there troopers underneath their body can actually walk run and planning using all four of their clippers. When the animals and why do you believe they're your slippers inside the sight motion. Britain the sea lions but you've MP front flippers in order to swim. Did like his even there's I'm like yeah I'm reading the letter. I'm hanging. There weren't even latest flash them. I'm. It will bring in my bag and some pretty heavy diet that latches that. And it you're. That's right then you know what I call me. Or had courts have been written or even hold up my. My husband and ask you getting jittery word for it. Yeah. Fees amount they immediately get excitement is now beginning with an. Open. You'll see if you seals then there he embryonic usually raced into the back and see what we've gotten fat fish and a that we have strains are animals in the water so it is safe for everybody we don't want them from a rather be trying to get fish and you'll fish and other animals. We try not only start back in the water once we know who's working with duplicate them upon. Speed on the beach Condo that are working. And there's Pennsylvania's eighth picky feel. There are slowly and not like certain things or will some of them come running for one there's not another other Holly's BBC. They depend on the day what Steele may like what this. Is a thing or not not participate. And they don't want to participate in the session. Nothing I can physically do to make an almost 800 pound animal do something he does not want to do Sunni Ali is freely eat redoing every once in a session. But he always knows that if he does say but he didn't get anything you reward. This really I didn't see them does look around. Kind of fish so hot go ahead and ask him heading into the water and we're gonna show you how we end the incessant. If they don't know why. And I want it. Seals just after let him know that there is no more fish and I especially want to think they did that. Animals at least twice today. If the need arises we can see them as many times as our staffing. Seen all of the villain of beautiful things you didn't like you're welcome you look at any time thank you and for ABC news digital and credit Coxe we'll see you next time.

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{"id":42910539,"title":"Seal Training at the Smithsonian National Zoo","duration":"14:03","description":"ABC News' Freda Kashi gets up close and personal with Gunther the seal for a training session.","url":"/US/video/seal-training-smithsonian-national-zoo-42910539","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}