Super Bowl 2013: Dominos Scores Big on Game Day

Company spokesman Chris Brandon on pizza maker's commercial campaign.
1:59 | 02/04/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Super Bowl 2013: Dominos Scores Big on Game Day
A lot of people obviously ordering on Super Bowl Sunday a lot of us China on pizza and on the phone that we've got Chris -- from Domino's. Chris how big of a night did you guys have last night. I think so much evidence -- the game more than that I it was a it was a great paper for Domino's you know what one of the things that that we love is just as -- ms. Super Bowl commercials and performances and all those things another thing that seems to be becoming a staple for the big game is. I'm and ordering for -- so these about a 60%. Higher increase. Over typical Sunday last -- we took about 300000. Orders on line. And at any give in you -- half -- thirty minute window. We were looking get over you know 1000 -- and orders orders during those times so. You know our source we're working just as an -- the guys on the field and and we've gotten some Tucker out. Team members this morning but it you know we're always -- to make. Simple especially for people and and we appreciate people have -- -- part of that. And Chris I gotta have full disclosure I was one of those people last night on the online ordering at the great -- it's fantastic I need to talk to delivery guy Philadelphia though because he arrived just as beyoncé was taking the stage. I don't I that's all right listen noble work got a next. Anyway congratulations you guys like you guys had a very good. Eleven million flights is that what you -- project that that you were gonna sell this year right. You have eleven million places about two and a half million chicken wings as is what we're anticipating is and we certainly had a big day in the great parade and are made at our stores are busy but that -- you know nothing makes him happier then -- being a part of people's Super Bowl Sunday and and we hope that. You know we were able to provide. -- good experience for our fans and customers. Absolutely Chris thank you so much and for the everyone else that the sucking on those leftovers this afternoon right they're going to be. Nursing our recovery from Super Bowl electorate that is chicken wings at -- -- -- phone's up first at.

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{"id":18401335,"title":"Super Bowl 2013: Dominos Scores Big on Game Day","duration":"1:59","description":"Company spokesman Chris Brandon on pizza maker's commercial campaign.","url":"/US/video/super-bowl-2013-dominos-scores-big-game-day-18401335","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}