Superheroes Visit Wisconsin Children's Hospital

Window washers at St. Joseph's Hospital don superhero outfits to boost patients' spirits.
1:27 | 12/04/12

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Transcript for Superheroes Visit Wisconsin Children's Hospital
It's not every day and eager to spend some time with a superhero. -- booms -- a liberal leaning. -- -- -- But pediatric patients at saint Joseph's hospital in Marshfield got to do just that its -- six although -- -- won't sit well we'll. Window -- from -- -- window cleaning just at the super heroes and repelled down a hospital towers then they came in sad to spend some time with the patients. Entertain the children and we haven't cooped up for a -- and just nice to make their -- writer. Whether it's entertaining dressed up as superheroes are just something as simple as cleaning windows and -- the sunshine through. Organizers say this event is all about lifting the spirits of children in the hospital. It also gives them something to look forward to you Sean Sutherland watch the movie the avengers last night with his two year old son Logan to get ready for this special day he gets excited about superheroes and. -- kind of and Nestle -- to. Walls going to be happening today and it looks like that preparation paid off false kind of excited to see who you gonna react with that because I know that he likes and superheroes and -- -- -- -- -- And you warmed up to -- -- -- actually came inside the patients appreciate superheroes taking time out of their busy schedules to pay them -- visit. In March field I Chris -- is -- nine.

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{"id":17875711,"title":"Superheroes Visit Wisconsin Children's Hospital","duration":"1:27","description":"Window washers at St. Joseph's Hospital don superhero outfits to boost patients' spirits.","url":"/US/video/superheroes-visit-wisconsin-childrens-hospital-17875711","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}