Teacher Allegedly Drunk in Class

Erin Caugill is fighting to keep her job at West Hernando Middle School over allegations she was drunk on the job.
3:00 | 02/01/14

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Transcript for Teacher Allegedly Drunk in Class
I don't have a lot of faith. In the fact that I'm going to be treated fairly -- called -- is fighting to keep her job as a teacher at western -- -- middle school. According to this transcript from a hearing on December 20. Call -- seemed unsteady on her feet. And dilated pupils and was slurring her words she was taken for -- test that showed she was well above the legal limit of point 08. The numbers don't lie. -- -- -- if you're diabetic called gill says because that specific medical conditions her body does not process alcohol as quickly as it should. And Washington -- -- at work she did acknowledge she had been drinking with some friends the night before. I had to. It's six ounces French wine and choose -- shots of Scott's. She says she stopped drinking before midnight according to a report from the assistant principal on that day. -- -- was also seen taking a plastic cup from her classroom and locking herself in a rest room. The assistant principal reported the restaurant smelled like alcohol those school resource officer could not verify that. Call gill says it was just iced tea -- lock yourself in the bathroom according to what. I did not want -- some -- after I shut the door because they were breathing down my neck and I felt pretty. Into it called -- said she regrets not calling L. I know now that I should have called and said welcome and come in it would have been much less dramatic.

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{"id":22329776,"title":"Teacher Allegedly Drunk in Class ","duration":"3:00","description":"Erin Caugill is fighting to keep her job at West Hernando Middle School over allegations she was drunk on the job.","url":"/US/video/teacher-allegedly-drunk-class-22329776","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}