Trump Wine, Water and Steak On the Menu

ABC News' John Santucci takes us inside Trump's event in Jupiter, Florida where the frontrunner is serving Trump wine, water and steak.
3:00 | 03/08/16

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Transcript for Trump Wine, Water and Steak On the Menu
We're gonna have full coverage for you right here next Tuesday that is. And AT day as we like to call for more on tonight's contest and of course the man whose party on a roll tonight we're gonna go live. ABC's Johnson to cheat. Who is we at the trump campaign John it's good news for so far win in Mississippi what's the feeling where you are. You know it's definitely good news for you good evening on the you know we're here tonight in Jupiter Florida are. Third time in Florida for a trap press conference you can see behind me the podium all set up with. Friends of the Donald this is now the third time he's done this. On election night there's no. Big rally no big victory party it's a press conference with club members he did the first one at the moral auto club the one that he's had since. Eighties Palm Beach, Florida he did the second one this past Saturday night when he took victory over and now. Talking other states. With friends there and tonight he's here Jupiter for. Pretty large gathering actually sell its people he knows I'm that's a very comfortable room for the Donald tonight. And you're right he's obviously very happy with that went in Mississippi we were there last night. Where he had an incredible crowd about 2000 inside several thousand more outside it took over a high school football field. But for right now they're feeling good about Mississippi. What trump really wants night not he wants Michigan at the state and he's been going to for the last several months actually early on. Right after he kicked off his campaign last June that was one of the first states he hit. And want to make sure that was one that he could bring home tonight. John I see behind you can't help but notice that there are gold guilt chairs we haven't seen that anyplace else and it's sort of seems very signature from. We we heard from Donald pump that he was making the rounds today say that. If he doesn't if there is a brokered convention he feels like it would be. Against the rules really wants you to keep anybody besides him he went into it with a plurality of voters what he's saying. Campaign trail about that today. He you know it's funny on the he's actually not mentioned it too much he did speak about this morning. And a round of morning show interviews he did the question was posed to him on MSNBC you know if you. Get close that you get to. 12100 delegates not really at that number 37. What do you think they should do well that point they should just give it to me. He told the host there. And that's sort of the trump Wheeling and dealing in your right tonight it's obviously a very different mood as a lot of goal to hear. Like we've seen you can't see it climbing up the camera can and. But either chandeliers high hanging from the ceiling in here as well pretty a key thing. That we see at most the trump properties and. What you don't really see too much not for a press conference or let alone any political event is what's going to be flanking. Trump tonight when he delivers his remarks on his left and his right there are two tables set up. They actually have a trump water. Trump wine and trump steaks. And the idea of the campaign's going to be pushing what that is that this is a guy that's had many six Cecil. Lucrative businesses just take a look. He's got bottles around him he's got to bring in states he knows what he's doing. Premiums steaks and cold ill hair I mean if he rocked like that the hill that's on the equipment. Did a lot more at the time and he is he in the Florida thanks to you don't.

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{"id":37506207,"title":"Trump Wine, Water and Steak On the Menu ","duration":"3:00","description":"ABC News' John Santucci takes us inside Trump's event in Jupiter, Florida where the frontrunner is serving Trump wine, water and steak.","url":"/US/video/trump-wine-water-steak-menu-37506207","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}