UCLA Water Main Break Wastes Up to 10 Million Gallons So Far

The accident was caused because of an outdated pipe.
5:24 | 07/30/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for UCLA Water Main Break Wastes Up to 10 Million Gallons So Far
In the heart drought stricken southern California water. Water everywhere up to ten million gallons. -- across UCLA campus after a water main break on the famed Sunset Boulevard. What a mess what a waste and now the clean up begins over what I'm -- -- in New York that campus with so much -- -- trying to do today. ABC Cecilia Vega is on CNN and join us now from Los Angeles -- Hey Dan worries that it water water everywhere is -- it's it's -- out here I want. Start by showing you what this cleanup looks like this morning the sun just came -- you can you can actually see really well right now. Just look at it this is a mound of carpet and you can't really tell from a camera I don't think but. It's something. And this was inside this athletic center here. -- -- change anything else and this is something that you see all of our campus are now mounds of top piles of towels everywhere inside this athletics -- of you can see from your management and I'll show you trying to -- you anyway. -- dryers that are in here it's a mess out your -- and take a long time to clean up that's for sure. Yeah I mean you can see the reflection off the floor there is obvious has been waterlogged consult on this but what walked back. What exactly happened. You know and it is essentially what it boils down to is respect you that are really -- -- what causes to break we still don't know campus officials city officials are going to be giving a press conference here in a couple of hours in Los Angeles so. A lot of unanswered questions at this point I'm. This certainly folks here on campus are upset they -- stills faculty members and students. Whose cars -- they can't access because they were submerged under water all night long and and -- and we haven't heard from campus officials at this morning but. Waking up -- -- scenes like this you can only imagine the frustration that exists that -- UCLA right now now a lot of questions about how this could have happened. Yeah I mean it's like -- -- make matters worse well obviously -- -- expense to clean it up as well but you're in the middle of a drought right now so clearly any drop of water is looked -- with such. You know. Eagerness to. I want Taylor some of the video from that saying Pauley Pavilion that was so badly damaged from all of this and that just underwent a renovation correct. Yeah higher right -- about a 136 million dollar renovation we still don't know how badly it was damaged and whether or not we know for sure the floors -- work we -- Some of that city we're talking about -- campus workers here cleaning up that floor right right water machines and dryers and and trying to get that -- -- as quickly as they possibly could to prevent any further damage but it mean like I Titanic say it enough it was a real mess and it's it's going to be a real mess for a few days I think. It but -- you don't you tell -- that water water. Everywhere and this drought that we're talking about I think some of the most telling footage that I -- from from last night was a KBC air station here in Los Angeles chopper pilot talking about what a waste of resource it looks like from the air you could just all you saw was why. Why -- everywhere some people set out here they says. And it looked like a water park it -- -- talking about a college campus. Right and and the fact is -- -- ten million gallons tough director had a around. It came out to about 75000. Gallons a minute. That was at the height of that I would take a look at some of the sort of live pictures from KABC Johnny -- -- -- from essentially this -- -- this single that it opened up there. So do we know that has water been turned back on the area -- -- -- having to wait to repair the pipe. We Suisse I select -- down I've been about BI has again been locked here -- -- -- 1 location all morning long now working on our streets for Good Morning America as I can tell you whether -- back on in this area or not but I can't tell you about that -- -- -- -- -- but the with essentially of -- over two lanes of tracking traffic fifteen feet deep I think you've got those chopper shots right now. It's a stunning scene it was difficult for meeting even get here this morning on the local roads because one of the main arteries that runs through Los Angeles Sunset Boulevard. Is essentially shut down because this -- you could see those cleanup crews that are out there are still. -- so it's not just what's happening here on UCLA's campus this is going to affect a lot of people and one of the major metropolis is in this country and he now they have got a lot of work to yourself. A lot of -- the last 34 minutes ago we saw some video there are some of the students are trying to have some fun makes in light of the situation by trying to serve down those steps as the water was gushing down there. One guy looked -- -- kind of wiped -- didn't exactly make it. Down to the bottom of that it looks like fun but where there is serious injuries from any of this rescues. That's the good news no serious injuries but -- -- firefighters did have to rescue five people they were in cars they had tried to drive through this water so I'm there were some pretty serious rescue efforts that were made yesterday but yeah I mean that footage is pretty incredible to see college kids of those boogie -- that college campus basically like surfing down -- stairs -- here. I don't know -- I had when I probably -- -- -- if I was hearing college. Took. Full disclosure right there BBC's Andrew -- on the things to say thank you so much we appreciate that. From Los Angeles and of course you can keep up with the story in real time by downloading ABC news App Store in historic works as an update on the go. For now I'm down -- New York.

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{"id":24771098,"title":"UCLA Water Main Break Wastes Up to 10 Million Gallons So Far","duration":"5:24","description":"The accident was caused because of an outdated pipe. ","url":"/US/video/ucla-water-main-break-wastes-10-million-gallons-24771098","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}