"Whitey" Bulger Implicated in 13 Murders by Confessed Hitman


Martorano admitted to collecting roughly $8,000 while he was incarcerated in a federal pen. Then he got another $20,000 from the federal government when he was released from prison in 2007.

"I asked for startup money. When I got out I had nothing," Martorano admitted.

Brennan pointed out that Martorano was able to keep a house he owned in Florida and waive the restitution he was ordered to pay as part of his plea agreement. He also asked Martorano about his $250,000 movie deal and the more than $70,000 he received for collaborating with Boston newspaperman Howie Carr for the book "Hitman," for which he still receives royalties.

"I didn't want to hurt anyone with it," Martorano said. "I was trying to make a living. I didn't try to hurt anyone with the book."

Brennan tried to implicate Martorano in continuing criminal activity upon his release from prison in 2007. He asked Martorano whether he tried to shake down a man who the hitman claimed owed him $100,000. Martorano explained that he wanted to ask that man if there was any money he owed to Mafia figures in New York City.

"I didn't want anyone chasing me for money that I might have owed," Martorano testified. "I didn't chase him. I just went to see him. In the North End."

Martorano said he continues to gamble with another man and "takes a piece of it" of the winnings "because he's a better gambler than me."

With that, the defense attorneys ended their cross-examination of the government's star witness.

The dapperly-dressed Martorano regained his composure during assistant U.S. Attorney Fred Wyshak redirect questioning, which focused on the murders Bulger is accused of involvement in.

"Were you and Mr. Bulger involved in the murder of Michael Milano?" Wyshak asked.

"Correct," Martorano stated.

"Were you and Mr. Bulger involved in the murder of Al Plumber?"

"Correct," Martorano answered.

"Were you and Mr. Bulger involved in the murder of William O'Brien?"


The question was asked 13 times more with names of Al Norangelli, Eddie Connors, Thomas King, James O'Toole, James Souza, Richard Castucci, Roger Wheeler, John Callahan, Brian Halloran and Buddy Leonard.


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