Wife Tries to Poison Husband's Pregnant Lover


"Suppose [Bond] decided to retaliate against her former friend by pouring a bottle of vinegar in the friend's goldfish bowl. As I read this statute, that would be a violation of this statute, potentially punishable by life imprisonment, wouldn't it?" Federal Justice Samuel Alito said, according to The Associated Press.

"A win on what is presently before the Supreme Court will allow Ms. Bond to challenge the validity of her prosecution." The government initially argued that Bond had no right to challenge the statute. "If the Supreme Court rules in Ms. Bond's favor, it could send the case back to the Third Circuit Court of Appeals to determine whether the statute is valid. If the statute is ultimately invalidated, her conviction would be overturned and she would be released from prison having served a lengthy sentence," said Goldman.

"We seek confirmation from the Court that the federal government exceeded its boundaries and has no business prosecuting a purely local crime," Goldman said.

Oral arguments were heard Tuesday, and a written ruling will be released in June. The ruling of this case, Bond v. U.S. (09-1227), will undoubtedly spark debate regarding the scope of the 10th Amendment, which limits federal authority.

In the meantime, Bond is serving her sentence in a federal prison.

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