Women Suing Hot Yoga Guru for Alleged Sexual Assault Come Forward


Jane Doe 3 told "Nightline" she viewed him as “a godly figure, like Mother Theresa” and said she got down on her knees to thank him for the scholarship.

She said he invited her upstairs to his hotel suite, and she followed. It was there, Jane Doe 3 said, that he made his intentions clear.

“He pulled close, and he kept saying, 'You wouldn't be here if it wasn't for me,’” Jane Doe 3 said. “He forced me on the bed and said, ‘Just one time. Your dreams wouldn't come true if it wasn't because of me.’”

“I still couldn't bring myself to believe it happened,” she said. “I was so degraded, so ashamed."

But Jane Doe 3 insisted that teaching yoga was still her dream, a path out of poverty, so she completed the training program and moved to Los Angeles to work at Bikram's headquarters.

She said he acted as though the rape had never happened and she convinced herself it would never happen again.

“He made it very professional. I'll be on the payroll, not volunteer. I believed him. I trusted him,” Jane Doe 3 said.

But in Los Angeles, she said he raped her two more times once on the bare mattress on the floor of the apartment he provided for her, the third time at his house which, she said, she visited in her capacity as a Bikram employee.

Jane Done 3 said at first she told no one.

“Who would believe me? No one would. Everyone was so hypnotized by him,” she said.

Jane Doe 3 said she was financially dependent on Bikram and believed her career as a yoga teacher was on the line. She said she kept the alleged rapes to herself until she agreed to be a part of a civil suit against Bikram.

Like Larissa Anderson and Sarah Baughn, she did not file any police reports until several years after the alleged incidents, according to the Mary Shea, the attorney representing the women.

The Los Angeles district attorney declined to bring any criminal charges against Bikram. All of the current cases are in civil court.

Looking back, Anderson said she wished she had gone to the police.

“It would've saved me years of pain,” Anderson said.

Jane Doe 3 said, “Nobody can undo or change what happened, make up for what happened, my losses or other girls, but it can be stopped.”

“Nobody deserves to go through this,” she said.

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