YouTube Drunk Driving Confessor Sentenced to 6.5 Years Despite Daughter's Plea for Maximum


"Vincent would tell my children that he would pick them up at any time, any day, no questions asked. He kept his promise," Canzani's ex-wife wrote.

"Vince would not want to see two lives lost in this terrible situation, due to Matthew drinking and driving," she added. "Vince was forgiving and would not want to see Matthew sentenced to the maximum penalty."

Cordle's father also spoke on his son's behalf today. Dave Cordle said his family has been "deeply saddened by the horrific events of June 22" and were "very disappointed, disgusted and heartbroken in the choices Matthew made that tragic night."

He said his son's choice "changed two families forever."

The father said his son is ready to accept responsibility and "do the right thing" by telling the truth. He said his son's mission in the future would be to share his experience with others and try to prevent others from drinking and driving.

"If Matt can save just one victim like Vincent, then Matt truly knows his time incarcerated will have been beneficial."

"My hope is someday soon you'll be able to overcome this tragedy, find peace of mind, peace in your heart and begin the healing process and then, when you're able, to forgive my son Matthew," Dave Cordle said.

Earlier in today's proceeding, the judge said that he had previously decided not to play the video in court, but changed his mind over the weekend.

In the clip, which begins with Cordle speaking to the camera with his face blurred and voice distorted, he says that in the aftermath of the accident he consulted "high-powered attorneys" who said that they could help get his blood test thrown out. But Cordle said he wants to come clean about his culpability in Canzani's death. At the end of the clip, Cordle begs viewers to not drink and drive.

An expressionless Cordle watched the video, occasionally averting his eyes for a few moments to look down.

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